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Trong reminded the police of "not forming a title", "the material just moves"

Secretary General Nguyen Fu Trong evaluated the police forces by defending the party by protecting the regime on 28 November in the Standing Committee of the Central Party Committee, Reminders of this force keep themselves clean, integrity, "do not touch the ranks" because "the material is just fine.

"The task of ensuring national security has been steeped in recent times, maintaining political security rather than creating opposition political organizations in the interior. The prevention of crime has reached and exceeded the goals set by the National Assembly, the VNA quoted Trong as a loyal police force in the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the Minister of Public Security With lam

According to the party and the head of state, although it is negative, he does not deny police contributions by "promoting party protection by protecting the regime, calm people, a stable social policy, a developed country."

"Recently, many countries are visiting, wanting to know Vietnam's experience," Trongs said.

In addition, the Vietnamese Secretary of State praised the police for his efforts to "improve the organization, improve staff" and make it a "bright spot" for the party's committee. central security in 2018.

"Why did Mr Trong say that?" Said Pham Chi Dung, an observer of Vietnam's political topical event. "It should first be said that he is co-author of the restructuring plan of the Ministry of Public Security. This policy is valid for 4, 5 years, but not longer than 2018.

"At the end of 2017, Trong himself introduced the policy of restructuring the Ministry of Public Security. The first restructuring process was the removal of six general departments from the Ministry of Public Security, while maintaining the entire Department of Defense." Second, reduce the number of generals in the Ministry of National Security, but keep the number of generals in the Ministry of Defense. " Pham Chi Dung told the VOA.

According to the researcher, the Ministry of Public Security is an effective Nguyen Phu Trong Army in its anti-corruption campaign, known as a "burning campaign".

"So far, Mr Trong has embraced two of the most important posts in the Department of Homeland Security, namely, police investigations and security investigations conducted by Lieutenant Trong Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong and Lieutenant General Bui Van, are the two agencies," said Dr. Said Pham Chi Dung.

In the "burning campaign" phase begins a new phase, according to TS. Pham Chi Dung is "a necessary condition" for the Ministry of Public Security, "stronger, more drastic, more bloody". Therefore, Trong has new names about the Ministry of Public Security, despite the ministerial scandals this year.

"This is just the Nguyen Phu Trong political movement in the Ministry of Public Security only. What he thought was not what he said." Pham Chi Dung added.

In addition to compliments, Secretary-General Nguyen Fu Trong, on 28 November, also reminded the police not to "hang on the vase" before the "anti-prolonged hostile forces", "inherited internal degradation", "full petition situation" and "cyber security".

He also stressed the need to build police forces that "honor, respect and respect".

"Honor is the most dear thing, will remain with time, and the material will be just enough." His father said: "Perfume is eternal, purity, status, material, money." The VNA cites Trong, saying, "When we have strength, we can feel it."

This is the first session of the party's central party committee, since last general secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, 74, took over the presidency at the end of last month. He was the second head of the Vietnamese Communist Party in Ho Chi Minh, and at the same time had two posts.

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