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Tran Phuong Binh wants to turn Vu "aluminum" into "boss"

On the afternoon of November 28, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City continues to hear cases of abuse of property and copyright by knowingly acting contrary to national regulations on economic governance, with serious consequences for the Bank. East Asia Bank (DongABank).

Transition to the National Bank Inspection

Consequently, the defendant Tran Phuong Binh (former Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Dong A Commercial Bank Credit Council) and Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen (former Deputy General Manager of DongAban) Work that runs counter to the national rules on economic governance produces serious consequences and abuse of trust relevant property.

At the beginning of the trial, the defendant Tran Phuong Binh acknowledged the behavior, content as a charge of charges. Binh said before working on DongABank, Binh is a HCM City high school teacher.

Answering a panel of experts, the defendant Binh said that DongABank had experienced 39 times more capital. According to the defendant Binh rate, the bank's capital has been increased on the basis of the general meeting of shareholders decision, and then appointed to the board of directors.


Tran Phuong Binh through the National Bank (photo: Pham Nguyen).

Binh said that since 2014, the National Bank has just started a comprehensive inspection of DongABank and found irregularities. Previously there were five inspections or incomplete inspections.

In particular, in response to the National Bank's inspection activities, the defendant Binh said that, during the inspection, the National Bank announced a few days ago for the preparation of DongABank for inspection. Upon receipt of documents, if there is content related to budget activities, Binh will manage any hiding of the employees involved.

Tran Phuong Binh and his collaborators have caused DongABank to lose $ 25.451 billion of VND by December 31, 2015. Tran Phuong Binh declared invalid a blank bookkeeping, he ordered lower-level employees to sign and issue revenues at the end of the transfer day to their head office for a melody.

Defendant Binh also charged the defendant with an estimated 5.07 billion in compensation for the Federal Republic of Germany, but Tran Phuong Binh said that the type of money was used to buy DongABank shares, which is why this amount remains in the banking system. Goods.

Want to create confidence in Vu "Aluminum"

Tran Phuong Binh said he wanted to transfer Vu "aluminum" to the largest shareholder of DongABank, thus creating conditions for Vu's "aluminum" loans to buy shares. Binh said that Vu "aluminum" has no cash, but a sufficient opportunity to borrow $ 4.00 billion, with a loss of $ 200 billion, the defendant Binh has lowered Wu's "aluminum" loans.

About 200 billion Dollars, Binh said that he hid the "aluminum" Vu to know this source of money. To conceal, Tran Phuong Binh said that he wanted to build Vu's "aluminum" credibility into the defendant's potential as DongABank, thus making Vu "aluminum" the largest shareholder in the bank.


Tran Phuong Binh wants to build trust with Vu "Aluminum" (photo: Pham Nguyen).

After DongABank increased its share capital, Defendant Binhs ordered the employees to pay Vu's "aluminum" amount of DKK 600 billion with interest. Binh said that, according to accounting principles, a rebate of 600 billion, although Vu "aluminum" only paid 400 billion.

Subsequently, the expert group consulted the defendant, Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen. Mr Xuyen said that before working in Dongabank, Xuyen was a planning officer in the 6th District People's Committee. When his classmate Tran Phuong Binh was invited to work at DongABank, the defendant agreed.


The defendant argued that the charge was not correct. (photo by Pham Nguyen).

Defendant Xuyen said that the prosecution charged with abuse of trust was 40 billion Dollars DongABank is not correct. Defendant Xuyen said that the sum of 40 billion is derived from Cao Ngoc Huy's account and the defendant has returned to Tran Phuong Binh with shares. However, the defendant has not done so may Shown Payment Tran Phuong Binh.

In addition, defendant Xuyen said that he did not know that the golden deal on bonds should not agree to offset the amount of 611 billion from a deliberate error.

Immediately, the President asked the defendant Binh, the defendant Binh confirmed that the defendant had paid Xuyen an amount of 40 billion.

Tomorrow November 29, the trial will continue to call into question.

Xuan Duy

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