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Threaten Vietnam's Tel was able to repel a neutral boost, VFF says?


Sunday, 11/18/2018 00:07 (GMT + 7)

Secretary General of VFF Le Hoai Anh said that the Vietnam-Malaysian Games Committee had done its utmost, but fanatics were flare up on stands completely because of lack of awareness and sabotage. football

The Vietnam team had a very important victory against Malaysia, so he had huge chances to win the semi-finals, even winning Group A. Sam Gu Seang was a worthy winner, but the fun of the fans was not really finished when some fans were badly hit by the game.

Threaten Vietnam's Tel was able to repel a neutral boost, VFF says? - 1

Vietnamese photo shoot burns out ASIAD 2018

At My Dinh Stadium on November 16, festivals stopped at least 3 times. Although the fire extinguishers were immediately erased, the image of a bad game still came out.

It is worth mentioning that VFF faces severe fines after the Vietnam fanfare, while Vietnam's 2018 AFF Cup is a neutral point. This is not the first rating of the VFF and the Vietnam team had shattered outbreaks.

VFF Le Hoai Anh Secretary-General said AFF Cup 2018 BTC has reported on a Vietnamese audience fire. This means that the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Disciplinary Board can impose a fine in the next few days.

What many people are interested in are the penalties for VFF and Vietnam. Mr Hoai Anh said: "In fact, AFC's penalty is not published, but a few days are needed to synthesize the report. It seems to me that VFF may be fined and not AFC's ability to ban Vietnam from home."

"The fights were burned by the BTC, the security forces, the crowd firefighters, organized by the BTC, were immediately cleared, so that no outbursts were fired in front of the carcass in front of the shell." The VFF will be punished, but we do not know how much penalty. "The AFC fines for VFF 70,000 dollars are incorrect. "said Hoai Anh.

Last October, VFF AFC imposed a fine of $ 12,500 (equivalent to DKK 300,000) after a Vietnam national football amateur attacked Pakansari Stadium in Indonesia in the ASIAD 2018 semi-final soccer game between U23 Viet South Korea and U23.

Two years ago, in the AFF Cup in 2016, VFF was fined a huge fine when fans burned outbreaks of broken glass machines with Indonesia. In the 2019 Asian Cup, VFF was fined 11,000 dollars to burn outs when the Vietnamese team visited Cambodia.

According to Hoai Anh, when the BTC has made the best, but fans are still deliberately sabotaged, then it's completely bad, not the appearance of a national football. However, before the match against Cambodia on November 24 in Hang Diem's ​​yard, VFF continues to urge fans not to outbreak, avoiding the risk that the Vietnamese team may become neutral.

Korean long leg coach Park Hang Seo Champion AFF Cup

A golden girl in Asia's largest martial arts sent greetings to the bus in Hang Seo Park.

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