Wednesday , October 5 2022

The Transport Association called for calm


Taxi companies stop shipping passengers at Da Nang Airport airport on September 4. Photo: NLD.

Taxi companies stop shipping passengers at Da Nang Airport airport on September 4. Photo: NLD.

The Vietnam Motor Vehicle Association has written a letter asking businesses and taxi drivers to ignore Grab.

In particular, the document states that: On November 4, some taxi drivers in Da Nang strike, temporarily suspending guest reception at Da Nang airport, protesting a machine under 9 seats under the ground and grab "illegal" law enforcement activities, unfair competition with traditional taxis.

In this regard, the Vietnam Auto Association invites and suggests taxi companies, taxi drivers to Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, Da Nang taxi associations, taxi companies, and taxi drivers across the country have to be calm, self-contained or aggressive in dealing with service needs. travel people and order a security situation.

The Vietnam Motor Transport Association has announced that it has noticed the unwarranted management of the traditional taxi business with vehicles such as Grab Taxis.

Therefore, the Association has proposed to the Government to examine and amend the rules of the law, to overcome the existing neutrality, to ensure fair and healthy competition in the development of rural civilization. Passenger car transport in general, and in particular taxis.

Before that, drivers in Grab said that "umbrella" and "Grab" taxis had "escaped" from various taxes and business conditions, but hospitably stopped by hiding the body of private cars. Although traditional taxi drivers should be fully in line with shipping business conditions and they can not compete with the "parachute" taxi and "Grab" cars.

Vo Thanh Nhan, Chairman of the Da Nang Taxi Association, said that it was a spontaneous driver's act, but the direction of the business and the association did not react. According to Mr. Nhan, many taxi driver cab drivers responded with a Grab, a car that affects their interests. Nhan said the association has asked taxi company managers to drive drivers back to work.

Nguyen Khanh

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