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The State Audit Office handed over a number of cases to the investigating agency


The State Audit Office handed a number of cases to the investigative agency - Photo 1.

In many cases, the State Audit Office transfers to investigative and prosecuting agencies.

The information provided at the conference on the execution of tasks in 2019 was held this morning (14 January), Deputy State Secretary Nguyen Quang Thanh said that in 2018, the State Auditor completed 14 inspections. implementation of departmental functions, duties, management and administration and organization of implementation of audit activities; 05 Unexpected Test Groups.

The audit has helped to prevent irregularities in time, to strengthen the management of audit teams and audit teams, to improve audit quality and audit quality; preventing and eliminating offenses by adversely affecting the image and reputation of the State Audit Office.

During the year, the National Auditor received and processed 68 complaints, denunciations, thoughts, proposals and proposals, of which 62 did not have jurisdiction, 06 – others. The State Audit Inspector recommends that the Auditor General act in accordance with the rules.

In particular, the National Auditor has handed over 5 cases of violation of law, investigation and processing of police investigations in accordance with the provisions of the law.

In particular, the above cases are as follows: the case shows a violation of the rights of the Da Nang City Customs Department by clearance for 30 cars from abroad to Vietnam in violation of the law; The case shows that the right of 19/5 Textile Hanoi (now Hanoi 19/5 Textile Joint Stock Company) members to manage revenue from an agreement, Equitization and Revocation has been violated. Public capital has shown signs of loss of more than £ 319 billion.

The list also includes "Nghi Son Petrochemical Complex Project Management Board Infringements of Non-Librarian Activities Over 22 Billion VND;" The case shows that the Binh Duong Health Department, as an investor, has breached the legislation on the supply of drugs and medical supplies, which was implemented in 2017.

The residual case is "the case shows that the Dak Ngo Irrigation Construction Investment Project violates the features of the Law" On Investment Policy, Construction Volume Measurement, Inspection and Acceptance "(Stage 2)., Tuy Duc District, Dak Nong Province.)

Looking back at 2018, the statutory deputy statistics, financial processing results as of December 31, 2018, are 89,600 billion PPS, of which the state budget expenditure increase and decrease is 44,466 billion VND (up to 18 years, 39% compared to 2017). year).

In the course of the audit, the authorities proposed to amend and repeal 115 legal documents in order to avoid loopholes in the mechanism and organize the implementation of national rules to avoid losses and waste.

As regards the implementation of the audit petition, according to the report, by 31 December 2018, the audited entities and their affiliated entities made more than 66.415 billion PPS, reaching 73.1% of the total number of petitions. financial processing.

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The State Audit Office handed over a number of cases to the investigative body - Figure 2.

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