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The real typhoon spent 100 million pounds, Rashford succeeded Ronaldo?

Thursday, 19/01/2010 10:03 AM (GMT + 7)

Real Madrid is trying to attract the star to attack the top. And according to sources from Spain, the Champion League defender is ready to bribe to be Marcus Rashford.

Rashford Video Brighton:

It's incredible that the former Real Madrid striker is now playing badly. In La Liga, Real is not just 10 points behind its Barcelona competitors, but the gap is still smaller than its 29 competitors.

Real Madrid aims at Rashford

Weaknesses in public goods are the real problem for Real. Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the current Champion League champion has not won a high-end attacker to get the most out of the following opportunities. If Messi got 19 words, Suarez 15 goals in La Liga for Barca, Real's best result is Benzema with only 9 goals.

Therefore, the requirement to strengthen staff before the attack is mandatory. President Florentino Perez and Real Madrid's transfer agent are doing their best to return Bernabeu's famous striker, who can make the madridist forget the memory of Ronaldo.

According to Marca, Real Madrid is divided into two main goals, which expire on January 31 this year. Madrid's 1st goal is Marcus Rashford. This Real Real newspaper confirmed President Perez is ready to send a 100-million-pound check to Old Trafford to get from MU.

Marcus Rashford's final performance since the release of Jose Mourinho has been commendable. 8 goals and 6 help, incredible performance with 21-year-old striker. What's more, Rashford's development potential is huge, it is possible to turn a superstar. Rashford's pedestrian skills, including free-kick, reminded Ronaldo of his youth days in MU.

Icardi is also a Real Purpose

Thus, the real world leader believes that GBP 100 million is the number that can convince BLD MU to sell to Rashford. President Perez wants the negotiation process to take place quickly and quickly. "Fax machine" in summer 2015 is more than enough for the people of Madrid to be careful when dealing with the people of Manchester. If the Joint Party has not "quickly corrected", Real will switch to a potential goal called Mauro Icardi.

Icardi is also a big deal, can get to the full 100 million pound mark as Real plans to pay Rashford from MU. And even with regard to the ability to succeed, this deal is bigger. Since Inter Milan does not have much ambitions, such as the MU – the team is still in the Champions League, and the economic potential is rich. The only thing President Perez "closed" to Rashford than Icardi is that it is just a real deal for Real Madrid.

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