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The raped case was not successful, killing the 13-year-old girl

Wednesday 28 November 1818, 16:17 (GMT + 7)

According to the case file, seeing that the granddaughter went to school, Real and Zoom back to crush and healthy the rape intent, but the child did the opposite, actually killed the victim, put her body on the bridge, created the scene as an accident.

Investigation of unsuccessful rape cases, killing 13-year-old girl

Actors and messengers in court

In a high court, Da Nang appealed against the defendant Nong Van Thuk (SN 1995, living in Doan Ket 2, in the municipality of Cu Hue, Ea Kar District, Dak Lak Province), on charges of "Murder", " robbery ".

Regarding the case, the commission also accused Nong Van Phang (SN 1998 living in village 6A, Ea Sien Commune, in Buon Ho city, Dak Lak Province) to try "Murder".

The content of the performance, Real and Zoom are two cousins. On April 4, 2014, to take a motorcycle that takes Phong to his home in the Ea Kar district. When they arrived at the village of Ea Cung (in the Krong Buk community, Krong Pak district), they met with Nguyen Thi T. (13 years old in the commune of Ea Sien in Buon Ho city). tread in the opposite direction.

Then, while driving, holding an acacia piece of 56 cm long tree, hid behind his back to block the road, the victim drowned and dragged T. to a coffee lot along the way, wandering in the cell phone victim.

Do not stop there, Truong Phuong carries children to coffee deeper, T. children woke up, called for help. At that time, I had a wooden magazine that hit his head, causing his feeling 2 times. Anticipating that T. is a great body, actually born from the purpose of sexual intercourse. However, if the act is bad behavior, the victim goes on and screaming.

Fearing Madis T., he will be accused. The wooden lock hit the next 3 times, causing the victim to die. Then do not use a sexual assault so that the same body of the victim's body flushes over the bridge (village 6B, Ea Sien Municipality), so as not to disappear. Due to shallow shallow waters, the department delivered the victim to the bridge and created an event such as a traffic accident.

Following an investigation, on June 6, 2011, police in the province of Dak Lak have been arrested and reported.

In July 1977, the Daklak District People's Court dismissed the case at first instance and sentenced her to life imprisonment, sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for murder.

However, by September 2017, the High Court of Da Nanga had abolished all first-instance criminal convictions and filed the file to the Dak Lak provincial Public Prosecutor's Office in accordance with the rules.

On July 24, the People's Court of Dak Lak launched a second hearing and sentenced the defendant to life imprisonment for murder, 3 years in prison for robbery; The total sentence for the law is life imprisonment. Defendant Nong Van Phang was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison for murder.

Dissatisfied with the judgment of the first instance court of the Dak Lak Human Rights Tribunal, the victim's family has appealed in an appeal court to try to increase the sentence for two defendants. At the same time, consider investigating the accused's rape on the victim.

At today's appeal court, the High Court of Da Nanga adopted the content of the family appeal, abolished the Dak Lak Human Rights Tribunal's first instance judgment and handed the case to the Provincial People's Public Prosecutor's Office Dak Lak again.

Bite rapes, kills the girl

During the investigation, the investigators focused on information about the attacker, who was suffering from N in the left hand.

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