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The gold opportunity is missed


There was a new paradox in the middle of last week: Liverpool broke the gap between the Premier League and second-hand Man City leader to five points, but was weaker than ever. The reason is that one day after Man City collapsed with a score of 2-1 at Newcastle, Liverpool had only 1-1 draws against Leicester, which was much lower rated.

It is said that Lester is the same as a small fox that is waiting for the Red Brigade to "cook" the meat. But that is not the case. This report has limited power, but it is full of courage. Instead of winning to leave the city for 7 points, Liverpool gets just a draw.

The remaining Liverpool 1-1 Leicester Gold option didn't answer
Liverpool just got 1 point at home in Leicester

Compared to Man City's 1-2 victory at Newcastle Stadium, Liverpool's surprise took 1 to 1 in Anfield at Anfield. Everything from heaven, peace, benevolence is turned to the Cluster, but then they are late.

The rare season in Liverpool confused the defense. And this season it was also a rare time when the men of Jurgen Clop saw the fall in front of the Premier League in front of the "lower door" team, at first and at home.

Liverpool Corner Missed Gold Expenses and Soothing Obsessions 2
Helping Liverpool open the result


Even if you make better use of Liverpool's third side, Leicester can win all 3 points, such as Man City and Chelsea. Especially midfielder James Madison had two chances to resist the goalkeeper Alisson, but whether the header or ball was less sharp.

As for Liverpool, they are not just themselves. During the cold air and snow night in Anfield, the Red Brigade's legs also became obsolete. Liverpool's attacks lacked sharpness and only hope for personal efforts by Sadio Manes or Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool vs Leicester Shaqiri and mendy
However, Kop cannot save the benefits

After the game, Jurgen Klopp called a rage against the referee. According to Liverpool manager, the game operators missed their penalty when Ricardo Pereira punished at Naby Keita. Then there is a situation where Harry Maguire reduces My House in front of the owner is a big emptiness, but Judge Martin Atkinson cancels it.

However, it should not be denied after Cloppa that his Liverpool is not in good shape. Last Wednesday they became less confident and sensitive in the processing phase. Of course, Klopp did not want this situation to happen again in the next games.

http://bongda24h.vn/Why Leicester responded to Klop's biased judge
Harry Maguire speaks of Liverpool 1-1 Leicester. The English midfielder insisted that he did not deserve a red card accused of coach Jurgen Clopps …

It seemed that everything was going in the direction that the people of Liverpool wanted when Mane opened the result in 2 minutes 1 second. But like Man City one day ago, the Total set lost its advantage. Snow under your feet could affect Mo Salah's legs and his teammates.

However, the new head is a factor affecting Liverpool 1-1 Leicester. Leicester people during the crisis (lost 4 in the previous 5 games) showed incredible enthusiasm as if to prove they were still behind coach Claude Puel.

Liverpool coach
Coach Klopps couldn't be happy with the students

On the contrary, the prospective Liverpool team has proved to be strong in psychology. Such a dream could widen the gap with Man City to 7 points to become a burden for them. The fall of the past was just one team that didn't win the Premier League, although it was Liverpool after the first stage.

2008/2009 And 2013/14. In the season, Liverpool was Rafael Benitez and Brendan Rodgers. But on the contrary, they constantly broke their legs and finally lost their silver cup.

Premier League BXH After Death 24
Premier League BXH after the 24th round

In a comprehensive way, the depth of the Liverpool team is not equal to the direct competing Man City. Maybe it makes the Cluster less bad. The same is true when they have to create a disorder that is the case of Jordan Henderson when he has to get to the right.

Liverpool's road is still very difficult with Man City's star pressure, especially if the Champions League is about to return. At the end of this weekend, when Sunday night the city got into Arsenal's home peat, the pressure will be on the Clop Army before the march to West Ham.

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