Sunday , February 28 2021

The goal is to use charity to attract billions

Mai Thuy Linh in the investigation. Image: Ha Tinh Police

Mai Thuy Linh in the investigation. Image: Ha Tinh Police

According to a survey, from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, Linh introduced himself to the head of the charity delegation in Ho Chi Minh City and funded tens of trillions to charity for the American International Finance Committee South America – Vatican # C50K.

Funding for any local and entrusted contractor, which is Linh's work.

To strengthen confidence, Ms. Linh flooded sponsors with many charity projects in provinces such as Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Quang Binh and many other provinces. This facility also gives the contractor numerous contracts with contractors, numerous letters of merit, government certificates for all levels, thanks to Ms. Linh's charity for tens of billions.

In fact, Linh has not concluded contracts with contractors; Letters of thanks, letters of gratitude, letters of gratitude are requested by the Linh government at all levels when Linh congratulated the work. Linh has not sponsored any money, as in the thank-you letter.

With the tricks of many contractors, companies have entrusted the contract with a general contractor for many construction and transaction deposit deposits requested by Mai Mai Thuy Linh.

It contains T.V.K. – N.K. and V.V. Director V. – The Director of the H.S.S. Construction Joint Stock Company has handed over to Ms Linh an amount of 2.868 million Dollars. This amount is granted, used for personal purposes.

The authorities clarify.

Xuan Sinh

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