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The Coast Guard rescued 24 Singapore seafarers from fishing boats


Saturday, February 2, 2019 11:08 AM (GMT + 7)

The Sigapora nationality ship suddenly set fire to a zone 4 miles from La La, Vung Ro. The Vietnam Maritime Police Command has sent extraordinary rescue from the 3rd Coast Guard Team CSP 8005.

Marine Police Rescued 24 Singapore Seamen on Burnt Fishing Vessels - 1

The ship CSB left for rescue

According to the Vietnam Maritime Police Command, 1:30 to 1-2-2019. The APL of Vancouver, Singapore, was burned at sea for about 4 nautical miles from La and Vung Ro. After receiving the news, the Coast Guard Command commissioned the 3rd Coast Guard Zone to rescue the CSB 8005.

After 2 hours of heavy waves and strong winds, the CSB 8005 turned against the unhappy ship. APL in Vancouver had 24 crew members, the fire caused an increase in the smoke column between the sea, some machines and vehicles were damaged. After extinguishing the fire, soldiers in the CSB 8005 have successfully rescued a Singapore fishing vessel, ensuring the safety of 24 crew members.

The police rescued a man who jumped on the bridge

Detecting that a person who just jumped on the bridge and committed suicide was able to arrive at the police immediately.

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