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The bad family "fell" when they learned that they own 3 super cars

Thursday, 31 January 2019, 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

A family living in a remote area west of Jakarta, Indonesia, only knew that they owned three expensive supercar when they were imposed by public officials.

Indonesia: a bad family

Rolls Royce and Lamborghini Aventador stood in the residential area of ​​Pangkalan Jati, South Jakarta.

Jakarta Post believes that the poor family just knew that it owned three expensive supercars when the employees of the West Java Automobile Registration Center (Samsat) and Jakarta Tax Office (BPRD) did it at the tax collection house.

It is worth mentioning that this family lives in a remote location where cars cannot enter.

Adul Manaf, 64, family manager, named Mercedes Benz, and his wife owned the Toyota Harrier.

Son of Zulkifly named Bentley Continental GT. The expected family tax is owed to approximately $ 7,767 and debited from September 9, 2014.

Family members insist that they know nothing about expensive cars. "I was shocked … I had no money to buy a luxury car while the house was still very small," said Abdul.

Indonesia: a bad family

The Indonesian police are looking for a true unpaid supercar owner.

Abdul thinks he is a victim of scammers. Two years ago, a stranger asked for a copy of the family and neighborhood ID card. In turn, each person will receive some gifts.

At that time, these people never mentioned anything about buying a car. The strange man came to ask for a copy of his identity card and has not returned since then.

"I would give him a copy of my identity card and received less than $ 10," said Abdul.

Currently, 3 luxury cars are not licensed until the owner pays the tax. But it is not clear where these luxury cars are.

Ilham Firdaus, 23 years old, lives in the same area as "teenage fire" when he finds out that he has to pay money to buy a Ferrari supercar. Ilham said he had lost his identity card. "Maybe someone used them for illegal purposes."

It is reported that a woman named Alija and her husband Andi, who lives in Western Jakarta, belongs to Jaguar and Porsche Cayman without paying taxes.

Police in Jakarta, Indonesia, are actively cooperating with the traffic police department to test true supercar and car owners.

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