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Thanh Tu Thanh You Flower Machine in December


Deputy Runner married a successful businessman in Hanoi than she was 16 years old.

Ngo Thanh Thanh You just confirmed that she would be in a car early in December 1818. Her husband was born in 1978 and is a successful businessman in Hanoi. They both met for about one year, but officially revealed their love relationships since 3/2018 and recognized their friendship as "you-i".

Shared with, her girlfriend's truth is that she feels long. Entrepreneurs are actively trying to turn to Thanh You, often asking for their views on the work and sharing the results of the consultation: "He gave me a sense of dignity, not just separating social status."

However, the first time he asked, Thanh you quite confused should not rush to agree. One time Thanh, you brought home his parents' parents. She was inevitable at the first adult meeting. Seeing that his friend is riding a bicycle that takes Thanh Tu out of the village. Remembering the moment, sitting behind a sweetheart, cross the road with rice fields on both sides. "I never seemed so secure when I had a strong shoulder, the moment that made me accept my love and the relationship with her," Thanh said.

Runner Ngo Thanh Thanh You have a wedding dress.

Runner Ngo Thanh Thanh You have a wedding dress.

About 3 months later, a friend decided to offer Thanh Tu. As a second-place player, both were sitting at the TV set, the boy added: "You're married," she was very impressed. "I do not want you to take this important joke," the beauty was serious. However, the next day, a friend led his parents to the story, forcing the rider to feel serious, should make a decision.

Thanh you parents support daughter married, although her mother is most worried. Thanh You also asked the mother and two older parents for the bride and groom: "When my husband was angry with me, my mother asked me to come and reconcile, Dance 2015) shared my experience in making brides and family paternity with my parents-in-law, and it seems to me that my mother and sisters are a big event in my life. "

Thanh You are currently busy preparing for a ceremony and a wedding with your boyfriend. At the beginning of heaven, her wedding ceremony will take place at the luxury hotel. Despite the implementation of the wedding unit, Thanh You are still quite busy because things are in the sprint game. Earlier in September, the couple took a wedding photo from a mixed voyage to tourists in Paris, France.

Thanh You said that since he was the youngest son, she did not feel pressure to do this work. Husband and wife also understand economic independence. For children, they do not have a specific time, because the concept of "children is heaven".

This year, Thanh You confirmed that you will participate in the International Beauty contest, but later canceled the decision for unknown reasons. That made her earn a marriage in the game. Answering this question, Thanh also insisted that the marriage did not affect her refusal to take part in an international competition: "At that time, I had to focus on MC work on Vietnamese television. Choose between a job and an international competition.

Ngo Thanh Thanh Tú was born in 1994, at 1.81 m high, winning the first second vice president of Mis-Vietnam in 2016. She is considered to be a knowledgeable beauty, is a private life, not a scandal.

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