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Thanh Hoa Police Director said the incident was a hit

Morning 29.11 Maj. Gen. Nguyen Hai Trung, Thanh Hoa Provincial Police Director, said: "The incident of accidents at Viet Jet Air was an assault I had been heading since. In this case, the provincial leaders paid special attention: the proceedings were commenced, the accused was arrested, the suspects were suspected The investigation must be carried out in accordance with the law. "

Previously, for example True information, the afternoon of 23/11, the audience includes Pham Huu An; Le Van Nhi and Le Trung Dung (Dungs is the son of the former Tho Xuan People's Committee) during a visit to the airport.

Women's aviation personnel were immediately hit at Tho Xuan airport.

Women's aviation personnel were immediately hit at Tho Xuan airport.

These facilities have a staff member named L.T.G. Take pictures in the lobby. Subjects then continue to ask G. to photograph him, but G. refused to work.

Unable to execute the request, the object was a loud cry, an attack by G. G. The object was using the phone to hit the head and leap against the staff G, while the second object was used down her face G.

At the same time L.T. H. – the operator to prevent the object from reaching the face, taking off on the abdomen. Security Control Officer T.N.H. Performing a task at the station to remove the object was also jerked by his hat and perforated his face.

Security Control Officer V.Q.H. Execution of the task at the passenger security control point and in the cabin baggage includes support that is an attack on the hands and neck.

Tho Xuan aviation security forces controlled three topics.

In this case, the Ministry of Transport sent a document to Thanh Hoa Provincial Police in Thanh Hoa Province, the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority requested Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee to run provincial police. Thanh Hoa and the authorities are taking seriously this abusive behavior in the above case. At the same time, measures are being taken to improve cooperation with Tho Xuan Airport's aviation security control forces, providing good security and order, security and response to timely response situations. yourself.

On November 25, the Vietnam Aviation Authority issued a one-year-without-flight decision and a visual check for the next 12 months in these three subjects. Tho Xuan District Police also issued a decision to sue, accusing three defendants of investigations, clarifying the "disturbing public order" behavior.

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