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Thailand is a big loss in the Asian Cup in 2019


So Thailand will not get one of the best medieval players at the moment, Sanrawat Dechmitr in the Asian Cup in 2019.

Thailand is a big loss in the Asian Cup in 2019

Thailand has escaped during the 2019 Asian Cup after 1 to 1 UAE in the final round of the last night on 14 January. With 4 points, Thailand has officially entered the breakout with second place, earning 4 points.

Thailand is a big loss for the Asian Cup in 2019
Thailand lost Sanrawat Dechmitr midfielder in 2019 Asian Cup

Sirisak Yodyadthai's coach and teacher opponent are ranked 1 / 8th in Group C, which will be determined by South Korean and Chinese morning, January 16th games.

The Thai people in this game, however, are at a disadvantage when one of the greatest midfielder Sanrawat Dechmitr, of course, is unable to play a serious back injury. , before entering the group stage last game against UAE businessman.

It is known that Sanrawat will not be able to recover quickly enough to enter the upcoming game, which will immediately return to Thailand to monitor and treat injuries. This is a significant loss of "Thai Elephant" when Sanrawat is considered a player with a particularly important role in the tactical chart of Sirisak Yodyardthai.

In the 2018 AFF Cup he was one of the best assistants when teammates had four passers-by to score at the group stage and reached a typical team. That's why Sirisak won't be easy to find a suitable face to replace Sanrawat in the next game.

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