Monday , June 5 2023

Temporary lecturer who benefits from the left


The Thai city police in the province of Nghe successfully successfully implemented the 108L project, detained four crimes, administratively processing 20 objects for high interest loans, gaining an illegal profit of over 1 billion.

Tran Ngoc Tuan, the city of Thai Hoa, Nghe Provincial Police Chief, confirmed on September 11 that the unit has four criminal cases for the purpose of finding out loans at a high interest rate.

Object Identity: Phan Hai Duong (SN 1993), Kim Tan Bloc Resident, Hoa Hieu Chamber; Nguyen Anh Duc (SN 1994), resident of Tay Hieu; Tran Xuan Hung (SN 1987), Dong Hieu and Nguyen Viet Nghia (SN 1979), resident in the Ngia Thuan community.

They are related to covetousness, resulting in unlawful profits. Image: Duc Vu.

Before about 10:30 pm 6/11 The Thai Hoa City Police checks 41 money points, financial firms that are heavily interested in civilian transactions in the Thai city.

At this point, public security authorities have collected a large number of documents and vehicles related to 24 percent of high interest loans, seized more than 500 million cash, 30 motorcycles, 14 cars and 20 mobile phones. and 18 computers.

The process has been identified, institutions have temporarily detained four objects. In particular, in which Nguyen Viet Nghia is a teacher in the area.

In the main office, the first step is to identify the recipients through the demand for private money for quick cash, so they have pushed them to use their interest rates. from the National Bank.

At the time of the transaction, the borrower's entities do not record the interest rate on the securities when the final settlement (the name ends the transaction, the borrowing process and will pay the property – PV), it burns all related documents. The monthly loan amount is more than 10 billion Dollars, the amount of illegal proceeds is more than 1 billion.

Confiscated items. Picture: Xuan Bac.

Prior to this outstanding achievement, Nghe Provincial Police appointed and rewarded the unit.

Currently CSI Police in Thai Hoa continue to consolidate documents, expand specialized investigations to strictly address issues as required by law.


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