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Teach students the real experience of the Society


Learn not only on the pedestal

Miss Duong Thi Thu Ha teacher at Le Loi Secondary School, Ha Dong (Ha Noi) is a well-known student for many ideas so that the school would not be boring. As a biology teacher, her creativity will not stop the knowledge of subjects. 2017-2018 During the academic year Ha has set up many plans for students to experiment a lot with the study. Specifically: nutritional and culinary studies in Ajnomoto, Vietnam; Find out which parasites cause Edufarm Academy disease …

In particular, it is worth mentioning a project in which students make charitable work from the fruits of their work. Ms. Hunter shared, sometimes at school, students also called charity by donating clothes, asking their parents to buy gifts for poor students, flood areas. However, these approaches can hardly help students to understand the importance of empowerment. So she went to a project with students to grow tulips to get money to raise funds for charity.

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After school, she took students to the Vietnam Agricultural Academy to find out how to grow tulips from Ho Minh Viet, a talented planting technique trainer. After the students gained knowledge, technology cost her nearly 14 million Dollars to buy seeds for all pupils who take care of 2 flower bouquets in school. Since then, every day in the classroom, students are more excited and responsible when the time for water to fertilize. Rain in the sun must be calf and calf again. On holidays, the children of the school also cut each other out to care for the flower's death. "Such difficulties when flowers blossom, not only children get results, but also understand the value of the work," she agreed to Ha.

According to Ha, when Tulip flower pots blossom, students are required to sell flowers themselves and take charity money. The first earned money was almost 5 million VND / class, but not much, but the children then shared with it, realized that doing something that was not simple.

Lots of creativity training equipment

Tran Thi Dung, a teacher at Dong Da High School (Hanoi), is also one of the teachers honored by Hanoi Education and Training on its innovative teaching.

As a physics teacher, in addition to the hours taught in the classroom, she is trained to create various facilities for students studying and practicing. Specifically as: Experimental equipment to investigate the power rotation effect; Light spacing laboratory between air and glass; Automated test data processing software based on Microsoft Excel. Ms. Dung developed equipment is used in school. Dung also used software technology to develop an on-line online teaching model that would help connect online and share learning outcomes among student groups during lessons.

She said that, in addition to teaching in class, she spent most of her time studying, studying. For several nights, when she was asleep, she got up, switched on the reading light, studied until 2am to sleep. Each completed project, she felt more motivated to go to school, stood in front of students, and announced it to children.

Dung, from 2015 to this day, has launched the Future Inventors movement to stimulate creativity for students. She and teachers at the school are very impressed with the fact that after a while students have created many products that are very suitable for learning and life. For example, "Electrostatic Generator; Wind Generators; Automatic Vacuum Cleaner …". In particular, the "Vacuum Cleaner Auto" product will be exhibited at the Information Technology Festival Hall.

In addition, Dung has learned and applied many innovations. The idea of ​​using mind maps to solve extreme problems in high school physics. She has published five scientific publications in prestigious national and international scientific journals, thanks to her ongoing research and efforts.

She has been given twice Vietnam academic achievements and scientific research; 2 times won Toshiba Awards It is for doctoral students with outstanding academic achievements. She also won a teacher in the third competition for teacher training.

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Incentives for pedagogical students, investments that are not equal to the output

The Ministry of Education and Training is drafting a proposal for the abolition of tuition fees for teaching staff, rather than a scholarship benefit policy that is a priority in credit history. This proposal is widely supported, however, many experts still note that not only an open-source policy is preferred.

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Students give teachers grateful musical performances

The air of the whole country begins on November 20th – Vietnam Day of Teachers with many exciting activities to honor all schoolchildren, school 12th Olympia has organized a dramatic and emotional concert as a sincere gratitude to more than 200 teachers and staff members who are 12 years old. have spent and helping children.

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Da Nang was awarded by the University of Duy Tan University in 2018

Recognizing the efforts made in the field of scientific research in this area, the Da Nang People's Committee held a ceremony to award people with outstanding scientific and technological achievements from the morning of 2018. 10/11 Of the 113 ISI articles selected for this event, 60 ISI articles belong to the Duy Tan University researchers.

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Scholarships change lives

On 1 September 2010, the newspaper Tienfon published an article on two students who could not attend school on the situation of the three disadvantaged students in Quang Nam, including a story about Nguyen Thanh Nhan (Lieu Ciems) Tri, Binh Nguyen Community, Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province . A few days after the publication, "A Man's Surprise", received a scholarship to study the "crisis" of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Corporation. From the newspaper after eight years, many changes have come about as an orphan boy, a poor person.

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Saeima deputies: Education reform is not a new search

Cao Dinh Thuong (Phu Tho), a member of the National Assembly, commenting on the revised Education Law on November 15, said that innovation is not always looking for new things, but sometimes returning to old ones. Brand is also innovation.

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