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Taxi breaks when straight in the tree


On the afternoon of January 15, Mai Linh taxi with BKS 51F-424.46, headed by a male driver carrying passengers to Kong Hoa Street, from Lang Cha Ca bypass to Truong Chinh Street.

When several hundred meters from Quach Van Tuan Street (Chapter 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City), a sudden taxi taxi suddenly hit the tail.

Ho Chi Minh City: Taxi breaks when straight to tree - Photo 1.

The taxi is disrupted after the accident

Ho Chi Minh City: The taxi is leveled out by straightening the tree - photo 2.

2 people injured in the place

After the collision, Mai Linh taxi rushed at the bus station, continuing to cross the nearby green tree to stop.

“At that time, fortunately, nobody was waiting for the bus and it was solved. Almost many Lunar New Year holidays took place too many people were afraid, "- says the guard at the scene.

The accident resulted in the breakdown of the taxi driver, the male passenger suffered several injuries.

On the stage, the taxi head straight into the tree, broken. Traffic in the Tan Son Nhat gateway area is overloaded.

Shortly thereafter, the Tan Binh district authorities were responsible for regulating traffic by acting on stage.

Hong Diep

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