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Solskjaer declared war on PSG, warning Liverpool of a nasty 24-hour football


Saturday, February 2, 2019 05:47 AM (GMT + 7)

Month 2 is hard to wait for MU, but coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is still convinced of his ability to compete with the name "Red Devils".

The MU has not lost because Solskjaer was appointed as a temporary coach with 8 wins and 1 draw. However, the real challenge for them will be in February, when the Champions League breakout will return in addition to the Premier League.

Specifically, MU will have four games in the Premier League, including 3 away games and 1 big fight with Liverpool home. In addition, they have to get to know PSG 1/8 Champions League first round with the same collision with Chelsea away from FA field 5 round.

Solskjaer declared war on PSG, warning Liverpool in the stormy month - 1

Solskjaer is in good command

However, coach Solskiy is still very confident: "Our team is well prepared. We had 6 weeks to find the strengths and weaknesses. We are ready for every challenge.

“Burnley's goals can help us move to a new level. We have the ability to enter the top 4 faster than expected. It's a really difficult month, but we're ready. This formation is very deep, only Marcos Rojo is sitting out. We are strong enough to deal with the strongest competitors like PSG or Liverpool. "

The MU will be open in February with storms, a guest trip to former King Leicester, a team at Liverpool and this year to beat Chelsea and Man City.

“I watched Leicester games. They are full of strength and speed. They defended very strongly, and then they had good speed players like Jamie Vardy, James Maddison, Demarai Gray or Marc Albrighton. The challenge will be great, but we would like to challenge, ”Solskjaer completed.

Solskjaer declared war on PSG, warning Liverpool in the stormy month - 2

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