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Should You Offer The First Years To Go At Home Or Travel?

Thursday, 31 January 2019 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Many people wonder how to offer the year and offer earlier years to go home to celebrate the New Year of the Moon when homeowners lose their happiness.

According to Dr. Tran Huu Son – Vice President of the People's Arts Association of Vietnam, the annual meal is a ritual to invite Mr. Kong and Tao to the world to continue managing the kitchen after seeing him on the sky. December 23

In addition, the end-of-year meal is also important for reunification, inviting grandparents, ancestors and dead people to celebrate Teta with their children and grandchildren. At the end of the year, meals show the link between generations of Vietnamese families to see the old year and mark the new year with full hope of good things.

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Rice ball is a year of worship. (Artwork)

For this reason, the old tray was much more complicated than usual.

Therefore, offers must be ready for the end of the year ceremony depending on each region, which has its own characteristics, such as northern or bamboo shoots with pork, vermicelli, chicken, sticky rice, banh chung, spring rolls, silk rolls, fried rolls … ; Central region or banh chung, banh tet, silk rolls, chicken pressed lacquer leaves, boiled pork, sour price …; South Vietnam has a steak cake, bamboo shoots, meat stocks, meat and shrimp salads, spring rolls, spring rolls.

The rice pad is a salty or vegetarian year with all the New Year's dishes, it is processed in a delicious and pure way, the presentation must be complete and worthy.

Before the issue, families should offer earlier years to go home or travel, cultural masters Nguyen Duc Hien, Vietnam Cultural and Cultural Research Institute said that families can offer deals. the previous year.

Cultural expert Nguyen Duc Hien explains that the day is the owner's mind.

"In the spirit of the ego, spirituality at the ego is holy or not because I myself, just be sincere," said cultural expert Nguyen Duc Hien.

Culture master Nguyen Duc Hien presents the current year of folklore songs:

Namo Amitabha Buddha! (3 times)

– I notice nine suns, ten Buddha, ten Buddha.

– I respect the Lord and the earth and adore you.

– I will fight with Kim Tuii, the leader of the Thai father, who is the god of religion.

– I respect you the god of the Great King.

– I warmly welcome you to the Goddess of the Earth.

– I bow to you Ngu Phuong, Ngu Tho, Long ve, Tai Than, Kitchen God and all the gods who manage this land.

– I respect the honorable Cao Tang To Die, Cao Tang Titus, Grandmother of Tien Linh …

Today is December 30th … …

Loans (they) are: …

Stay …

Before the project is presented in good faith: The end of the East is about to end, the year of exhaustion is the same, the spring is near and the next year is coming.

We and all family families are born with flowers, rich rice soups, year-round ceremonies, offering worship of worship to God and worship of the ancestors, expressing spirits.

As usual, obey the gods, except for the statements, list the first generation, the pre-eminent posture, the spirit of the forest, and the eyewitness clout, enjoy the offer and sanctify the whole family. old children are wealthy and wealthy, they are as good as they are, thousands of good things, always healthy, harmonious families.

The bishop's heart sometimes asked, leaning on the religious gods and the first exile to testify of the blessing.

House A-di-da Buddha (3 times, 3 bowls).

Sweep dishes on Tet holidays with crisp fried chicken thighs and crunchy crunches, kids compete for food

If you have a few days of Tet, no, bamboo shoot, vermicelli, try making this dish, fried chicken drum, dipping with soy sauce …

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