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"Shock" with Le Quyen Revelation of Relationship with Ha Ho Long Entertainment


Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha used to be close to creative nurses, such as "figure with the ball" in Vietnamese showbiz. However, it is not clear why they are no longer on the same path. Since then, there have been many rumors, embroideries and deductions for the relationship of two leading singers in Vietnam.

Recently Le Quyen shared an article she interviewed Ngoisao, Particularly in this post, she has a part in which she first revealed her relationship with Ha Ho, which made many fans inevitable.

In his personal page, Le Quyen wrote: “This is a statement I really hope to share. Thank you for understanding my name so everyone has the right look.

According to the split "Purple Melon Pink Card", she and Haiham have many memories. Both were silent before rumors about their relationship so far showed that she and Ha Ho were quite similar.

"Sometimes, in one incident, the person who says the first sentence is very important. I think the first sentence, I and Ha are very difficult to tell each other. Because we are so similar. Our feelings do not chew. Apparently nothing happened. We are all people who look very female, but 99% of the personality is human. Two of us are very similar. ", Le Quyen confirmed.

Le Quyen – Ho Ngoc Ha used to be a close sister of Vietnamese showbiz.

And, according to the female singer, sometimes the coincidence between her and her girlfriend Kim Ly is the power to distinguish them because polarity attracts each other. But with Le Quyen, the silence of two people who were close to their sisters to date can still be an opportunity for everything to return.

"I see good. Everyone still has their own life, still have good feelings of thinking about each other, about old memories, not just friends, but also fate. I declare that I and Ha have no problems, just like each other., song voice "Light purple roses"Share.

"Shock" with Le Quyen's revelation of relations with Ha Ho for a long time - photo 4Current Judgment
About Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha have had many views that Ha Hons stands out with his parents because of his relationship with girls and boys. The person who said Le Quyen – Ho Ngoc Ha stopped playing because "Instant chicken sounds greenish"Many things are woven, no one knows where the truth is. There is only one thing, that is Ho Ngoc Ha – Le Quyen is very shy, uncomfortable every time she appears with an enemy.
Ho Ngoc Ha.
In October 2017, Ho Ngoc Ha-Le Quyen suddenly took a photo in Hanoi, with Dam Vinh Hung in the middle. But this step also made the public look forward to healing after a long time. "Don't look at each other“Two singers. However, only a few days later, both Le Quyen and Ha Ho expressed their attitude as never before. So far their relationship is still a big issue for fans.

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