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Roberto Martinez talks about Marouane Fellaini

Roberto Martinez talks about Marouane Fellaini, Belgian coach is disappointed that M.U. does not allow 31-year-old players to turn to the red devils.

Trainer Martinez pushing for Marouane Fellaini

In November, Belgium will play in two games against Iceland and Switzerland, and Roberto Martinez will no longer be multiplayer, including M.U. Marouane Fellaini, service. 31-year-old star got into M.U. 1-3 losses to the city.

Roberto Martinez talks about Marouane Fellaini's image

Fellaini does not focus on Belgium

However, M. said that Fellaini is not suitable to focus on Belgium, even the red devil claims that the player who was born in 1987 with a groin injury. The reasons given by the owners of Old Trafford are to convince the Belgian people.

Coach Roberto Martinez is one of those who are frustrated M.U. Neither Fellaini returned to focus on the national team, but former coach Everton also confirmed the dignity of the red side of Manchester.

"What happens to Marouane Fellaini? He's just kicked in front of the city, he's totally healthy, so why do not we have the right to invite him? I know that Fellaini played 90 minutes before the city, I think he's fit to play in Belgium."

Trainer Roberto Martinez

Coach Roberto Martinez urges MU for Fellaini's case

"I am very pleased to see Fellaini sitting in front of the city for 90 minutes, he gets his best shape. I'm disappointed by M.U., so he does not pay attention to Belgium, but I will follow him."

Romelu Lukaku was named in the newest Belgian box-case, but 25-year-old is unlikely to have injuries to Iceland, coach Martinez hopes that the attacker will return in 1993. Switzerland

"Lukaku will not try to play again, he passes the game against Iceland. We are still looking at his situation, I hope that Lukac will return to the game against Switzerland, of course, he is one of the most important Belgian players."

Vuong Ngan (TTVN)

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