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Quènh Búp Bê only sends 10% of the truth of character fate


After almost 5 months in the air with many censorship problems in the film, Quynh Dolls Finally, a series of events end in the protagonist's life. Only a few episodes, like an audience, should blend into a story about the lives of the wounded girls to show the ultimate pain suffered by Quynh, Lan, My and Dao.

Quènh Búp Bê only transmitted 10% of the character's destiny - photo 1.

Quynh Bau Be going to the last episode, and the tragedy lasted so long

I do not know how the end of the film will be so tragic, just knowing that filmmaking brigades, especially writer Kim Ngan, are receiving countless bricks for the fate of the film. carpet However, if you know what's going on in the real world, it's only around 10%, and it's been done by a screenwriter's car seat to make it less tragic. Quỳnh Búp Bê will regret having been targeted to eliminate the crew.

Quènh Búp Bê only transmits 10% character fate - Photo 2.

According to writer Kim Ngan, Quynh Bau Bê only Charged in about 10% of fake girls truth script. The talented writer wants a 100% story about Quynh, Lan, Canh, etc., but if they do, they Many people are shocked to see images that they can not imagine. Believe me that the 10% I have chosen to drop is enough to make the audience happy and understand that some of the truths that were not ahead of the public were not exposed.

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It turns out what happens to the film is only about one-tenth of the pain suffered by real life symbols

And there are so many scary and offensive stories that you almost do not see the audience, stories that just listen enough to get people bumpy. And the movie, Quynh (Phuong Oanh) robbed children who go to clients in bad people's lives, the gardener returned to use all kinds of barbarians, the human nature was lost to force Quynu dirty things to do.

"I still remember the detailed Quynh, who is sitting on the bed, for fear of mourning, when three beavers are struck right under her legs in a cage sprayed by a brawl, swinging his head. With one hand he jerked his jaw: Are you receiving guests, if not, I removed the barrier of three boys he slept with you tonight?

I heard Quynh said that chicken skin. For several nights later, I was awake when I dreamed of the snakes that were sprayed under my feet. Women who are not afraid of the snake?

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Queen's real life in the film is even more terrible

Lana's Life (Thanh Huong) fell from disaster, causing the audience an atrocious, but that was nothing compared to the story that Lan version of the real life. The feeling of a child's birth without her eyes is much more painful than a half-dude person on the screen. Well, the scriptwriter has tried to get the fairest story, but it's still human and fit for the audience, but these efforts are not worthy of courage or not?

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Lana's crazy in the movie, so that no longer disturbs the future, in real life Lana's life is still not calm

The painful truths of the film are still mild compared to Quynh, My, Lan, the suffering of life … But in any case, the tragedy is still inevitable from the life The symbol that the script has posted in the film can not Adjust back to "happy". After all Quynh's fate My Lan will be so tragic, While waiting for the answer in the latest episode, every night. 21:40, Monday, Tuesday, every week VTV3.

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