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North will be cold, there are places below 8 degrees Celsius


Monday, 14 January 2019 21:42 PM (GMT + 7)

Cold air makes rain in the north, in cold weather, in cold mountain areas, in some places below 8 ° C.

North will be cold, there are places below 8 ° C - 1

In the north, the rain and sky are cold due to the effects of cold air. Works of art

According to the National Hydrometeorological Forecasting Center, today (January 14) in the north is part of the cold air that is moving down to our country. In addition, the west wind has gradually moved to the east.

Forecast around the evening and tomorrow evening (January 15), this cold air component will affect the northern provinces; it will affect all the northern, northern and northern parts of the northern part of central Vietnam; From tomorrow night the wind changes northeast to the 3rd continental part of the coastal zone 3-4.

From 16 January in the north-east and the provinces of Thanh Hoa are cold, cold and mountainous with the lowest temperature, which is popular at 12-15 ° C, in the northern mountains 8-11 degrees Celsius, high mountains are below 8 ° C.

Weather in Hanoi is rainy for the next 2-3 days. From January 16, cold weather with the lowest temperature is popular at 12-15 degrees.

The impact of the western western ditch and cold air from the evening and tomorrow night to January 16 rains in the northern provinces, especially in the provinces of Northwest and Vietnam Bac, with moderate rainfall, rainfall. Some places have very heavy rain and thunderstorms (the popular rainfall is 30-70mm / 24 hours, especially Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Ha Giang is more than 100mm / 24 hours). Thunderstorm is a whirlwind, lightning and powerful winds.

Tomorrow (January 15) until the evening of January 17, from the provinces of Thanh Hoa to Khanh Hoa, rain and moderate rain; Especially in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue to Quang Ngai on January 16 and January 17, there are moderate rain, rain, some places with very heavy rain (popular rainfall 40-80mm / 24 hours, some places over 100 mm / 24) hours) .

From tomorrow evening (January 15), in the Tonkin Bay and Northeast Sea (including the Hoang Sa Archipelago waters), the wind will gradually change to northeast to level 6, sometimes to level 7, to level 8 eightfold. ; a strong sea.

From 16 January in the night waters of the Central Coast, in the south and in the region between the eastern sea there is a strong northeast wind with level 6, level 8; rugged sea.

The stunning island of Mau's son at the top of the cold cold north

The temperature dropped to -1.1 degrees Celsius, Mau Son's peak (Lang Son) matt white.

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