Tuesday , September 28 2021

Nha Fuoka's pregnancy test was confirmed by a friend

After marriage, Nha Phuong always gives a great deal of attention to pregnant women, even though the second exceptionally great, but not Truong Giang, or her husband, is being defended or rejected.

Although Nha Phuoc is not recognized as a pregnancy, Truong Giang's previously divided lines on her personal page also allowed many people to believe that this comedy would be implicit in going to her father in the near future. .

Nga Phuong's extraordinary second round said she was in a position with a couple of first children

Specifically, Changjiang wrote:Since his wife's wedding day, his friends were afraid of death: "It's still zui (happy), then your wife will give birth, then you will see the picture !!!"

I only hope that my life will not end up like the rest of the milk, for example: – Early in the morning the wife said milk tea. Do not start buying that wife is angry. Go to work, the phone is from the battery, the wife's calls are not angry either. Insert a general picture that her husband is brighter than his wife is also angry … And I heard hundreds of thousands of other life stories Husband.

8 hours to work 7 hours, 1 hour at meals, how to listen to this machine. In the morning, in the morning, over 12 hours, take a new baby to buy a non-angry milk tea. But then calmly go buy 2 cups of milk tea offset. Then he said, "I am all the time."

The focus of the comedy Truong Giang indirectly confirmed that Nha Phuong's pregnancy is real

Because the suffering for a man is not clever, I do not know how to show love to my wife, only carefully, so the whole day is hopeless. Who has the experience to take me, be less afraid.

However, recently at a news conference on discovering new products, Nga Phuong's close friend Nguyen Tran Trung Quan – explained why Nha Phuong does not appear for his new product: "This time Nha Phuong makes me feel sorry that Phuong can not be here today." Tran Trung Quan discovered .

Nha Phuong is a Chinese army

The joint use of the Chinese army quickly became public attention. Known previously, Nha Phuong has seen a music video "Remembering Him", so many years ago a male singer was released.

According to Trung Quân, Nha Phuong and Truong Giang have not received any feedback on this issue.

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