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Network operators split "rose or high sand", the foresters decided to "grow corn from potatoes"

Wednesday 28 November 2012 21:40 (GMT + 7)

The Tay Ninh Provincial Forest Protection Department confirmed that the agency will come to check and make a "potato throne" incident.

With regard to B.Nuu, the party in Ho Chi Minh City, in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, posted photos of two birds on his hands and a serious debate is being made on the Internet about whether it is pink or sandy birds. So whether the red rose or sand sand, the Internet also condemned Mr Tuan's behavior, but if that's true, then cyber-firms need a competent authority to deal with people who do the same. .

Internet users split

The purchase of rose bugs is illegal, even if only one child can be prosecuted

In particular, roses (or phoenixes) are included in Annex I to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES); The sand is in CITES Appendix II. The acquisition of securities is illegal, although only one of them may be held criminally liable, while sand bird regulations are less stringent. Both belong to the rose family.

Although Tay Ninh Provincial Forest Protection Department and Binh Phuoc Provincial FPD have announced that the bird in the picture is sandy, many internet users and experts say it is a risky bird. strains. At present, discussions on the Internet are still divided into two camps and were very harsh.

For example, Facebook Ho Ho Ho Ho's information from the press and write comments: "The child in the picture is sandy, including the rosary. Fortunately for the second brother, if the correct rosary is tired, then this beautiful bird does not create a full pleasure in the mouth …"

Meanwhile, Facebooker Thanh Mai argued, "This child has a high sand that he is. The hawk is heavy and 6 times larger than this, gold and solid. This bird is white and sponge, not red like the Red Book. There are many species in the Southeast forests that flying with the whole herd. But usually do not hunt. "

However, disagreeing with Thanh Mai, Ho Hou Hoanh's account still protects the birds' view of the incident as a red rose. Ho Hue Hoanh's account was commented on with a sand bird's photo to show a different from the bird in the incident, "High sand is very bad, the mine does not hold 2 and the market price is several million." The bird, which Tuan correctly put, is two-legged than a lot. "

Another Facebooker whose Phan Thuc account continues to debate: "The image you uploaded is heavy sand in just a few months. The Tuan Kiet Facebook account (Facebook account of B.N.Tuấn) is sand, crayfish, black bear, but not rose.

Internet users split

Raw disputes are still taking place with photos

With regard to these unfinished contradictions, Mr Tan said staff members at the Tay Ninh Province Forest Protection Department, a site where Tuan said to test the reality.

"We already have an address, a specific home number. It is anticipated that a delegation coming tomorrow afternoon (29/11 – reporter) will come to check if there is anything left which can accurately identify the birds in the sand is high or pink," he told Thoi. Knowing that in the near future it is clear that this is not a place for gathering birds dealers, but only those who are hunted and bought and sold.

According to Mr Thoi, using the exchange with Mr Tuan, this person said that this site is on the way through the Suoi Ngo commune, Tan Chau District, in the province of Tay Ninh. On the way to the wedding, see that people sell strange birds to 120 thousand children per person if he again tried and photographed.

It is known that the inspection of this case is carried out by the Tay Ninh Forest Protection Department without the support of the Cu Chi District Police (living posters). However, the Tay Ninh Provincial Forest Protection Department confirmed that they will inspect and create a "potato throne" case.

According to Thoi's comments on the internet, this bird is unlikely to be a hedgehog. Great Hornbill, standing at a height of 1 m, but the bird figure was only 45 cm. In addition, the emperor can weigh up to 4 kg, but the height of the sand is only 1.5 kg (according to Mr Tuan, his bird took pictures of only about 0.5 kg).

The next thing to follow is the yellow rose petals, while the bird has a lighter pear. In addition, the stomachs have a black stomach, which is different from the white stomach white abdominal that is commonly seen.

"If it's a hedge, nobody does it because it is sold for sale only with ivory," said Tay Ninh Province Forest Protection Department Director.

Testing the man killed two rare roses

One man has shown two red rose meat – three times more valuable than an ivory.

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