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Nam Long Group punished workers as medieval

Personnel choice to choose between bowls of rice and 1 bowl of faeces

On the morning of November 29th, Thanh Hoa Police Department, in cooperation with the Criminal Police Board (Ministry of Public Security), has reported on the results of the initial investigation to remove black credit institutions operating in 63 provinces across the country. Country.

According to Thanh Hoa Provincial Police, around 11.30, on July 19th, the Emergency Hospital's Thanh Hoa General Hospital Department received a male patient in a critical condition and soon after death. When the victim died, the victim went to the emergency room to go away.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Hai Trung, director of the Thanh Hoa Department of Homeland Security, was informed about the case.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Hai Trung, director of the Thanh Hoa Department of Homeland Security, was informed about the case.

The Thanh Hoa Police Detective Agency identifies the victims of Nguyen Van Minh (SN 1999 living in Lien Tan village, Bo Ha commune, Yen District, Bac Giang Province). Checks on the body, written to the victim with many blood counts, lean, injuries in some internal organs …

According to the investigation, the police named him "Nam Long Financial Company" (Nam Long Company) branch office in Bac in Cuba from April 2018. The main task of the victim is to collect debts from Nam Long's customers.

In July 1818, Minh got money from clients, but did not submit and also pledged a "company" motorcycle, with a total value of about 20 million to accompany a person, then fled.

On July 8, Nguyen Duc Thanh – Nam Long Director of Business directs a branch to a Hanhans branch.

Here, the audience met with the "discipline" of Minh. Objects stretched out a rice bowl and eight octopus Minh selected 10 times if the cow on the bowls of rice will be thrown back, chest, stomach, to "teach people how to". All 10 victim chooses a rice bowl and are beaten.

Then the victim was taken to Thanh Hoa to continue "leadership, reform, teach people how to do it." On July 19, due to the deterioration of the health condition of Minhah, the general hospital of Thanh Hoa Province should be admitted to the Thanh Hoa Hospital, and the doctor said that the patient died of heart disease.

In determining this is a particularly grave case with black loans, Thanh Hoa Police reported to the Ministry of Public Security to lead the establishment of specialized companies.

Two objects were searched for in black credit institutions.

Two objects were searched for in black credit institutions.

After four months of investigation, the CSO Thanh Hoa Police decided to initiate a criminal prosecution for the purpose of criminal prosecution of "injured persons in the form of deliberate injury, lending in civilian operations"; Nguyen Duc Thanh (NV 1988, Cau Khi Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) has been prosecuted for nine defendants.

Tran Van Phien (SN 1991, Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh), Doan Minh Cuong (SN 1989, Hai Ly, Cao Thang (SN 1984, Division 15, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City), Tran Hong Phong (SN 1985, Division 11, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City).

The Thanh Hoa Police Detention Agency holds four guards for seven defendants and two defendants, Nguyen Cao Thang and Tran Hong Phong for four months.

Bailed to fingers, "go to jail – United Nations"

As a result of the initial investigation, Nguyen Duc Thanh worked with Nguyen Cao Thang to open a black borrower named Nam Long Company in Ho Chi Minh City but was not established for business. The company makes financial loans as part of the contract, the loan items are private individuals with collateral, business households and companies.

Discipline, for example, medieval black credit institutions.

Discipline, for example, medieval black credit institutions.

Thang is the person responsible for raising capital for this credit institution, and Thanh is the full manager of Nam Long. Profit is divided into two parts, 50% is returned to the company for a loan, 50% profit and Thang breakdown.

Nam Long has 26 branches (regional) in 63 districts and cities; each branch is responsible for about 2-5 provinces run by one person.

The object was created as Thanh Nam Investment Construction and Investment Consultant (registered in Thanh City in July 1977 but ceased operations). Then print an ad visit for money.

Nam Long employs employees through facebook social networking, classifieds, job market … offers promise of high wages targeting young people with employment needs, ages About 18-30, no convictions, criminal record, clean history, to avoid institutional attention.

Thanh Hoa Police Detention Center detained seven defendants for four months and wanted 2 other defendants.

Thanh Hoa Police Detention Center detained seven defendants for four months and wanted 2 other defendants.

In particular, Nam Long Company develops and promulgates regulations to very strictly, binding, control and endanger negative sanctions for employees, for example: When a contract is terminated, a 100 million VND, cut off with a finger, destroys itself and its family by "rubbing a sack" "Penal Reform Company" goes to prison – the country "…

Nam Long Company is highly professional, trains staff in the form of "hands-on work", training evaluation programs, debt training programs, recorded transactions in the form of classified clients. ..

Objects are always people rebuilding using a sim phone to serve a loan, sim to endanger …; Using hundreds of individual accounts (currently counting 70 accounts) in many banks (7 banks with many small branches throughout the country), facilitating customer applications, Disclosure Risk.

Provisional statistics for 23/70 bank accounts "Nam Long" is an amount of transactions in excess of 510 billion Dollars and has more than 200 interesting customers in 26 districts in 63 districts; 100 clients checked, 61 customers with a total of tens of billions …

The interest rate under the agreement is 205% per year, equivalent to 6,849 Dollars per 1 million Dollars. Interest rate agreements are usually applied in the short term with interest rates of 15-30% per day.

In detail Mr. Doan Quoc T. Khanh Hoa took 700 million dongs from Cyan Long for 10 days, Mr T just received a 500 million dong loan and had to pay a supplement of 7 million dongs. The interest rate is 1043% per annum, equivalent to GBP 28,571 million / 1 million DDP / day.

Thanh Hoa Province continues to investigate and expand the case.

Thanh Hoa Province continues to investigate and expand the case.

Starting from 11/2018, CSIT has identified 12 out of 26 areas where victims receive enough money to borrow from 30 million to 1.5 billion.

Thanh Hoa Police are actively cooperating with the Criminal Police Board, the professional divisions – the Ministry of Public Security, provincial and city police throughout the country, in order to continue investigating and expanding the case.

Nguyen Hai Trung, Director of Thanh Hoa Police Directorate, called on the media to spread propaganda so that people can understand and raise awareness. At the same time, he actively participated in the detection, denunciation of criminal offenses, calling on offenders who were fleeing, wanted to quickly convict an animal to enjoy the law's tolerance.

Thanh Hoa Province also asked people who borrowed money from Nam Long to contact the Criminal Police Board for coordination.

Duy Tuyen

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