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Millionaire husband from "Tinh Tinh Nhi" Vuong Diem owes more than 10 million gambling.

This information has been published in a series of Chinese newspapers since the afternoon of January 30th. Accordingly, Vuong Chi Tai is accused of paying Marina Bay Sands hotel for about 14 million SGD (over $ 10 million) since 2014. avoidance of micro debt.

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Billionaire Vuong Chi Tai, husband of Vuong Diem, unexpectedly accused a hotel in Singapore of $ 10 million.

Vuong Chi Tai, a 64-year-old, is a luxury hotel casino guest in Singapore. From April 2013 to January 2014, he played three times in this hotel and lost all three. Wang Zhishin wrote the bankruptcy note and ordered payment by credit card, but the credit card was revealed as a counterfeit card. In addition, entrepreneur Wang Chi Thailand provides false information about his home address in Australia. So last year, the New South Wales court forced Wang Chi to pay it all the debt and concluded that he tried to pay the debt.

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Vuong Diem played the beautiful Pure Land, a gentle "Hoan Chau".

On January 30, a 64-year-old entrepreneur rejected the information and confirmed that he was misled when the casino affiliated with him forced him to sign an English-language document. Wang Chi Tai didn't know it was a debit statement, so he signed. The hotel party also rejected the information and explained that they never use mediators.

Wang Zhi Tai is an Australian Chinese entrepreneur and one of the richest and most talented real estate entrepreneurs in Beijing. The source was unveiled by Vuong Chi Thailand for more than $ 5 billion. In 2000, he married a beautiful actress Wang Diem and had a son with her.

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Life after Vuong Diem's ​​wedding is very convenient, happy and rich.

Since marriage, Vuong Diem, who has been in the film "Hoan Chau way", decided to step down from entertainment. Vuong Diem's ​​life after marriage was very discreet, but the Chinese media once reported that she was very happy because she was rich with her husband. Vuong Diem lives in a villa with a design, such as a miniature castle overlooking the Forbidden City. Every day she moves with a supercar. She is considered one of the richest people in Beijing, China.

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Vuong Diem stopped filming and getting out of the entertainment industry after marriage.

Vuong Diem's ​​friends once told the media that the wealth of her husband's family doesn't need to work hard. "She doesn't have to work. Make a wife and mother at home," said Vuong Diem friend in 2017. In 2017 and 2018, she and her son combine a number of events in China to photograph magazines.

However, netizens in China commented that Vuong Chi Tai really intervened in the work cycle and in such large debts, peaceful and rich Vuong Diem life will not be easy in the future. . Before bad news about "Mr. Xa", Vuong Diem has not commented yet.

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Vuong Diem gave birth to her husband, a nice and beautiful son.

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The famous star is still silent with the bad news of "his wife."

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