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Martial did what Ronaldo wanted for MU, and 24 football matches


Saturday, February 2, 2019 00:37 AM (GMT + 7)

In a recent statement, temporary trainer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer challenged Anthony Martial's attacker to follow what Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had done for Old Trafford.

Martial video got beautiful against Cardiff City:

Martial just signed a new five-year contract with a salary of £ 200,000 / week with M.U. Although the "Red Devil" style is quite volatile this season, Martial's performance shows many positive things.

Solskjaer's statement is not without evidence, especially when looking at French star statistics since he moved to the MC in 2015. He even reached the index that led to the search for CR7. look.

Martial did what Ronaldo wanted for MU, and the number of races - 1

Ronaldo is wearing a MU shirt

Specifically, with the first 104 games played on MU, Martial scored 32 goals, while Ronaldo had only 22 goals. In addition, Martial also has more help than Ronaldo at this time. : 16 to 14

And yet, to reach all these things, Martial only needs 6,958 minutes from 104 games, while Ronaldo needs 7,051 minutes. There is only 1 Ronaldo over Martial, which has many options for creating opportunities. Ronaldo has created a team of 149 team members, while the Martial number is only 122.

In a recent announcement Solskjaer said: "Cristiano is very big. How he changes becomes a player like a new player. I trusted Anthonyi about his experience with the club, about Cristiano's career, about his legacy. Anthony wants to be a part of MU's history .

With Martial, how MU will live

Martial had time to relax, as well as MU, who got used to his life without him.

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