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Manchester United made it difficult for Solskjaer to be appointed


After 1-3 defeats against Liverpool at the end of last year, BLD Manchester United was totally impatient with Jose Mourinho and decided to ignite him. But mid-season replacement is not a simple thing.

The two words Reds wanted the most did not call. Mauricio Pochettino reiterated that he would not agree with Tottenham. Zinedine Zidane, in Madrid, said she wanted to take on a new challenge, but one of them was to rise from a long-term decline in the MU, but did not want to return to work. In the middle of the season in August, United, if they still keep the offer.

Zidan has the opportunity to revive M.U.

After all, Man United unexpectedly invited his legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from Norway to become a temporary coach, leading the team at the time the board finds the right person.

After Solskiyer's first victory with the Red Wolves, the press reported that the team's top level is still looking for a top trainer to work for Old Trafford. Solskjaer, despite the victory, just before the small competitors, and his experience in the Norwegian tournament has not said much.

However, when Manchester United won Tottenham convincingly, Arsenal and was just the 9th unsurpassed game, the leaders M.U of course could not ignore him. With this in mind, legendary Gary Neville said the BLD team was very difficult.

"Difficult to ignore Solskjaer."

"Six weeks ago, Man Utd fired Europe to find the best coach for the MC to work this summer. And they need to continue doing it because nobody knows what's going to happen for the next 3, 4 months. But if Ole could keep what he did, the club would really be hard to think about planning. "

Jones talks about Solskjaer - football

What Solskjaer did was not expected at first.

"Because if both fans and players are on the side of the Ole, and it's important that their achievements in Manchester United make it very difficult to see another person."

"Then, even if they find the best trainer in the world, the problem is whether that person can meet expectations. Sometimes they have tried with Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho, but then everything doesn't go anywhere."

"So I think Ole is an opportunity, especially with these big scores, with more attractive football and fans also feeling safer. He has exceeded 6 expectations. Last week."

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