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Man Utd will start a new era with only 2 notifications

After a decision to dismiss coach Jose Mourinho, the leadership of the Red Devils has begun to be seriously involved in team rebuilding. Have been 5 season since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, Manchester United has not yet arrived in the Premier League King. The most valuable title won by the Old Trafford team is the European League Championship 2016/17. Season.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, M.U hopes to achieve two important goals for the rest of the season. First, Reds will try to finish Premier League 2018/19 in four places. In addition, Manchester United wants the Champions League to be as deep as possible. However, it is not yet a turning point for the club to transform.

Man Utd will start a new era with only 2 announcements - Football

Marouane Fellaini finally stood out with the Red Wolves.

Not long ago Marouane Fellaini was able to renew her contract with Old Trafford. Belgium is considered a "pet" coach by Jose Mourinho. Meanwhile, Anthony Martial decides to leave, so anyone can understand that he is not used by a "special man".

However, things changed 180 degrees, and many fans were not surprised. Marouane Fellaini is on the way to join Shandong Luneng, a team playing in the Chinese League. On the other hand, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has announced that Anthony Martial will regenerate again with the Reds for 5 years.

In fact, what Marouane Felalini got in possession of Jose Mourinho is far more than a man. Since joining Old Trafford 2013/14. In the season, the Belgian midfielder has always been a "thorn" M.U. Many times the former Everton player received criticism from fans and asked to leave.

Man Utd will start a new era with only 2 announcements - Football

Anthony Martial's efforts were rewarded with a new contract.

But Jose Mourinho doesn't think so. When Galatasaray wished to get a 31-year-old player, Special One immediately replied. The Portuguese strategist firmly stated that it was more difficult to recruit Marouane Fellain than to invite her to lead the Turkish club. This shows how much the former Chelsea captain considered Belgian international.

With Anthony Martial, Jose Mourinho is not afraid of a French player's departure. Even the "Special Man" said he would allow his students to leave the stadium if the former AS Monaco striker suggested. Martion's agent Philippe Lamboley later became angry. He thought it was time for his client to find a better treatment club.

Man Utd will start a new era with only 2 announcements - Football

Ed Woodward is a key factor in Manchester United's innovation plan.

The struggle between Anthony Martial and Jose Mourinho has been caused by Manchester United's "Special One" sacking. Leaving there, Ed Woodward watched the 23-year-old as one of the four "inviolable" players, alongside Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba. Whether the new Red Devils coach is Solskjaer or someone else, the stars should be used.

Finally, Marouane Fellain had to take part in Old Trafford, which was probably foreseeable. Meanwhile M.U is about to take over the "clearing" of team history. By keeping the words that match the club's philosophy, the elimination of players is no longer in the plan, and Anthony Martial and Fellain have two good examples.

Ed Woodward launched, Manchester United is going to enter a new era. The Reds will be the sports director so the club can develop in a certain way. A new coach, who will be responsible, will return the Old Trafford team. And this new era will only begin with two statements divided by Marouane Fellain and restored by Anthony Martial.

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