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Liverpool lost the game, MC To Van Sam predicted a return to life

Thursday 29 November, 2015 at. 11:10 (GMT + 7)

Together with Tu Long and Xuan Bac, this time on the Lunar New Year, MC Lai Van Sam will be financially independent.

Director Bac Hai Hai has recently posted an interesting video about his father. They are journalists, MC Lai Van Sam.

Director of the clip Direction For Bac Hai Dang – son MC To Lai Van Sams behind the program "12 children"

A short clip of recording scenes MC To Van Sam singing cheo with artist Tu Long to prepare for the program 12 … On the opposite side are artists Xuan Bac. This is an annual Lunar New Year broadcast. You Long and Xuan Bac have two roles to visit a remarkable facial year. Journalist For Van Sam often takes over the main exhibition MC.

This time, the former millionaire MC sings cheo. Some news that Lai Van Sam will play a new role in this 12th year program.

Liverpool lost the game, MC Lai Van Sam predicted the return - 1

MC Lai Van Sam tried to sing along with Tu Long

With a warm signal, Cheo's vocalist, To Van Sam, received many compliments. MC Diem Quynh commented wit: "Let's sing the cheo or so. Kha khe khe is very good for him to rode." Sitting next to MC To Van Sam is the long-time chef who is very happy about the practice. He said happily: "Time is just a small thing with a farmer."

After retiring in Vietnam, a journalist and MC Lai Van Sam continued to participate in some programs. Sun Kid, James War… at the exhibition Gentlemen of warMC male and improvisation singing impressed the audience.

Liverpool lost the game, MC Lai Van Sam predicted the second stage - 2

MC Lai Van Sam on the road to Saigon to work

Without a busy job, MC To Van Sam is still a "fire" passionate football. On the night of November 28 (in the United States), Liverpool lost the countryside, so that fans such as Colonel Lai Van Sam would not be miserable. On his personal page, the Secretary of State wrote after Liverpool lost PSG 1-2:

"We have to go to work in Saigon instead of watching home to get hurt the previous day," said the message. "Kloppam and Liv after a trip to Naples" … who would be smart not to love it twice … "and" reminded "that we are twice as silly! There is still" too much ear for it ", so that last night there is enough lots of trio and then clap 500 brothers Liverpool!

Napoli, only 2-0, is again normal! "Liverpool's loyal fans will not forget to add an English sentence saying," You should never do anything !!! We always love you, Liverpool! "

With the football in Vietnam MC Lai Van Sam always supports all his best. After the Vietnam semi-finals, he had a couple of reports to take Myanmar to a coach, making the fantasies very satisfactory.

VN Semifinal: MC Lai Van Thanh sent a letter to Myanmar coaches

The Vietnamese artist delighted when the Vietnamese team won Cambodia.

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