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Live a coffin opening that contains 2500 years of Egyptian mummies

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 18:00 (GMT + 7)

On Wednesday, the newly opened TV, just opened the lid containing the ancient Egyptian priest's moms, reported the Daily Mail.

The video opens a coffin containing 2500 years of Egyptian mummies

The opening view is broadcast on the US Discovery Channel's two-hour special program. The program, known as the "Unknown Expedition: Direct Egypt", was filmed on the outskirts of Minia, south of Cairo.

The casket is in the tunnel network, and the tomb containing 40 mothers belongs to the aristocratic elite.

When exploring other graves, archaeologists have found artifacts such as statues, amulets, vases, and moms, including a mummy that is divided into bones.

Later, archaeologists searched the coffin-cut camera. Many men need to open the coffin cover.

A source of life for opening a coffin containing Egyptian mothers for 2500 years - 1

The mother was discovered in a coffin surrounded by treasures

And the efforts of the archaeological team were not wasted: there was a mummy wrapped in fabric in the coffin. The surrounding moms are a treasure, including gold.

"Unbelievable, it's unusual," said Zha Hawasss, an Egyptian archaeologist and former minister of state antiquities. Hawass was responsible for the expedition with American researcher Jos Gates.

Earlier, a Discovery channel spokesman said the project was being implemented in collaboration with the Egyptian Department of Antiques.

A source of life for opening a coffin containing Egyptian mothers for 2500 years - 2

Some other mothers were discovered in the tunnel network

Researcher Gates said that mother is the god of the high priest Thoth, the god of ancient Egyptian wisdom and enchantment. The mother began in the ancient Egyptian dynasty, which lasted until 525 BC. This means that mothers are dated over 2,500 years.

Shocked by the number of people who wanted to drink liquid in an Egyptian coffin containing mummies

The reddish coffin in the coffin was an unpleasant smell, but many were looking to drink

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