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Link to watch live football Singapore vs. Indonesia (AFF Cup 2018), 19:00 after September 11


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Continuous update …

Singapore vs. Indonesia It first appeared in the Merdeka tournament in 1958. Since then, both teams have reached 57 times. The balance of achievement sank to Indonesia with 30 victories, 9 again and 18 losses. The last two teams met were AFF Cup 2016, and Indonesia (2-1).

Cheaply successful have picked up the phone Singapore In the 2018 Southeast Asian Championship Group B, this is considered a difficult group with coach Fandi Ahmad. Except for the weakest in Timor-Leste, the other three are extremely rivals. The vengeance is Thailand, the Philippines and the team with whom they met in the start-up play here – in Indonesia.

Teams Singapore Earlier the power was in Southeast Asia. But it must be admitted that their last three names have decided on "foreign blood" among naturalized players in order to increase the strength of the national team. But when the weather was up to date, the Singaporean phone was seriously upset. Evidence is the last two AFF Cup, the island team in Lion Island was eliminated immediately after the group stage.

Crossing the line Indonesia Inserted with great name endeavors. They called them "second place in second place" when the final is not five times. The question of the island team's mind was exaggerated, so the new coach Bimu Sakti, speaking about the championship's dream, has to say "now or never."


* Two teams had 57 meetings before, Singapore won 18, Indonesia won 30.

* AFF Cup two teams met 8 times, each team has won 3 times, twice unbeaten.

* Singapore has won four AFF Cup finals four times in the final, but Indonesia has not won one but five times in the finals. These are also current tournament players.

* Indonesia won the last two meetings with Singapore in the AFF Cup.

* 3 home visits to Indonesia recently, Singapore won 2, draw 1.


* SingaporeThere are no generals like Shahdan Sulaiman, Fazrul Nawaz in this tournament. Anders Aplin and Ben Davis are also not called. Huairif Nizam, Huzaifah Aziz, Zulfadhmi Suzliman, Rusyaidi Salime, Ho Wai Loon and Madhu Mohana are names that were removed before the tournament.

* IndonesiaBoaz Salosa did not participate in the tournament. Two players play abroad: Ilham Armaiyn and Egypt Maulana are also not called.


* SingaporeSunny, Nazrul, Irfan, Baihakki, Safuwan, Hariss, Gabriel, Jacob, Zulfahmi, Ishak, Khairul.

* Indonesia: Ardhiyasa, Aryanto, Kwan, Season, Gede, Lilipaly, Dimas, Irfan Jaya, Hariyadi, Goncalves, Setiawan.

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