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"Let me wear earrings to wear jeans, despite school bans" -Life Showbiz

Thursday 15 November, 2013 at. 5:00 (GMT + 7)

The singer said that his image on the stage with the teacher's image in the audience is completely the opposite.

Speaking of Ho Trung Dung, the audience will remember the male singers who have a passion for jazz. Contrary to the strong image that is serious on the stage, in real life, Ho Trung Dung is a young, dynamic guy.

He acknowledged that he could not conceal his emotions, he could laugh all day with his friends and relatives. But to the public, he admits that he is quite depressed, many people do not understand that he will understand his very misunderstood.

Ho Trung Dung was a student at the German Faculty of the University of Social and Human Sciences (2000-2004). Since graduation, he has been studying German literature and joined the Cadillac Group.

With the art of Ho Trung Dung was not in a hurry, noisy. He is full of scratches and percussion instruments in each song, note. Sometimes a voice Nostalgia For the past six years, he and Vo Thien Thanh have been collecting materials from all over the road, in the corner of Saigon, to complete the album. Saigon Feel, including 9 famous songs Love 2000, Cyclo, Frog, Eyes …

Day Saigon Feel Release Ho Trung Dung to break the breath of relief. "Oh, I've made this album so long?" he's funny

Ho Trung Dung:

Ho Trung Dung and Vo Thien Thanh took 6 years to finish the album Saigon Feel.

– His passion for jazz, which makes him join his hands with musician Vo Thien Thanh – pop pop, this time …?

– Saigon Feel is the feeling that two men sing about Saigon, creating a completely different color when I united with Vo Thien Thanh. The album is a jazz that is not too deep, sad but rather bustling of the city.

When it comes to jazz, people do not talk about Vo Thien Thanh. But when I and Thanh Thanh coffe chat, they discovered that they love jazz. After the conversation, he and I started Saigon Feel. We start the project from 2012 and after 6 years of completion.

It can be said that this album is complicated and perfectionist. Most of all, there is a need for me and Thanh to be inspirational. There is a half-year, we do not touch the product because there is no emotion. Half of the album's songs cover hits, the rest is new. So it's not easy with Thanh.

Ho Trung Dung:

Both have the same passion for jazz.

Personally, I have only 30 minutes to record a pop song 3 to 4 times … Also in this album, "Since I Come", I spent five years recording. complete.

There are many emotions in the album, most of which concerns the city. From every man's bustle, horror, and bustle to the life of each profession. In any case, there is a life experience, not superficial.

After 6 years, I am 29 years old and now is 35 years old. I had a lot of fluctuations, including depression, depression. But whatever, I still have innocence. This is the opposite, which opens the yard for music.

I see, sometimes I was busy to start singing, to make money, after some time I understood the song, his song does not matter. I also do not worry whether the song I performed is compared to the singers who have performed and issued it before. I'm sure you decide to sing.

Most of the latest singer releases songs, MV online music sites, YouTube … He continues to choose the traditional way of distributing CDs. Are you worried about the sale?

– I think that if everyone is afraid, also try running that which is hot, the music market will be very tedious and one-sided. I know that if a released CD album will be denied, it will be denounced. I counted from ancient times, have rebelled so indirectly. People ask me which types of rebels are heterogeneous? Ho Trung Dung will never be shocking or sensational. My rebellious way is to do what I consider myself, even if people say it's hard now. I will be consistent and I believe it will give you certain values.

In addition to the core values, I still publish my album through online channels, apps … It's a way to encourage audiences to listen to the most up-to-date and timed ones.

– Does the teacher who works in the exhibition business tense his image?

– I just stopped teaching the first year of singing. In the last eight years, I still study normally. Teaching is my job.

The way of singing and teaching is two different expressions about me, it is complementary, but not hindered. Music supply and perfection do not come because I am a teacher. If it were not for me, I would still be. This is man, my personality.

In the lecture hall I was an artist than another artist. I wear comfortable clothes. I do not own jeans. I wear earrings to teach. I put my shirt on my pants. All that is superficial is the importance of the new profession. And while it does not exceed the limit I wear, no one has the right to opinion, but if there is an opinion, then I will not do any more.

Ho Trung Dung:

Ho Trung Dung teacher is ready to stop learning.

– do not use social networks, do not discuss social issues, do not appear in many entertainment events … It seems that his life is quite peaceful amidst bustling showbiz?

– I set myself up to not listening to the noise around me, because if you're worried, we can simply lose your job.

Recently, I read a part of the famous American artist that he has a boringly entertaining market, because there are so many people who come out with this show, emit, a scandal more than famous. I greatly welcome this. Sometimes when I accidentally follow many things, the whole day will not focus on me, I do not want to do anything.

I'm not talking about these artists because there are new bridges. I'm worried about the taste and taste of some people. If it were for all, I would have thought.

Its audiences are silent, but they always want to have high-quality artistic products, not the way the title song is shocking, obscene. I really do not like and never do anything. So I'm trying to do things that I believe in more.

My group has many artists who are at a safe level. Honestly, my music earns good money from the event. Pure, professional, civilized, ethical … just because I can make money without doing a lot. So, why do not people try to perfect, but try to run negative.

Ho Trung Dung:

Ho Trung Dung believes that one day the audience will see the true value of music, rather than directing the trend towards social networks.

– He spent six years with the release of the album, but not only did some artists take only a few days, even one day, to finish the song, MV music. Do you see injustice?

– I said that I'm not worried, is to cry. I had to calm down and look at the nature of the problem. Market chaos is superficial, although the superficial is very vivid. The more they are noisy, the more people who want to enjoy their music, they will stay away from it. My job is to pull them back. Noise waves will come to another noisy wave that people say is a trend. I try to follow them, they are never the same with them, considering nature, different nature.

Music is hard to say before, but I believe some of the noise will be saturated. Not only me, many other artists do their best to keep the music serious, kind.

– Looking sympathy and standing on his side?

– All viewers love me because I did not follow these trends. They support me silently, not noise. I have even antifan, but my fans do not raise, they say something very carefully, it is not easy to offend others. If there is a reaction, my fans also choose the most civilized way to answer.

People think that my audience is mostly older people, but there is also a lot of my young audience. From 13 to 60 years old. I believe in the belief in doing what I want and doing in the near future. I do not own because I have to sing to everyone. Do not understand that Vietnamese do not listen to jazz. As I say, they are not loud people, preferring a common social network.

If I show my love, my fans will not appear on Facebook, just the inbox. They follow me in the same way, I do not comment, but I always bought all my products. And this audience is very large.

I still sell good discs, still on the stage. But saying the word sale is definitely not. At least, the audience still costs me money so I can produce other products.

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