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It's in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but why see the new Bich Phuong MV to see the full color of "one thousand and one night"?


"My sister has risen" is the latest VV project at the center of Vietnam Vietnam, which Bich Phuong deserves in the past two years. This project was performed by Bich Phuong and three song teams, along with 3 MVs, who had a Vietnamese seal from music to image, with the desire to preserve and spread the traditional national culture. Vpop markets are influenced by international culture.

It can be said that the two MVs who debuted as "Love in each other, do not harm my heart" and "Love Glamor" are the true spirit of the project. Both are modern music that combines the sounds of traditional musical instruments, and the images include Vietnamese cultural inspiration, ranging from costumes to day-to-day activities. .

In "Do not hurt my heart," the team introduced majestic decorations to the Ban Gioc Waterfall (Cao Bang) with a sophisticated scene, while combining national culture with the crowd repetition. Traditional Dao wedding … In "love charms" traditional Vietnamese values, such as embroidery, stitches, game umbrellas … are handed pretty well.

"Love Bubble" – Bich Phuong

MV "Love each other, Do not Harm My Heart" – Bich Phuong

However, MV "Again me" is again difficult to understand Figure "Deviation" compared to the previous two products. Instead of being expected to continue with the Vietnamese image, the MV will be led by Kjens Ungs and the creative Denis Dang to create an Indian style concept with color … "one thousand and one night".

MV You raise me up – Bich Phuong

First of all, this is the creation of a context. It is clear that the MV premises also have a dome architecture, a window covered with colored glass and a Persian design. All are decorated with great durability, excellent, great.

Next is Bich Phuong makeup and costumes, as well as actors MV. Everyone is deeply turned on, with a low key, press lips with special symbols such as red dots or pearls, between the center of the face. In addition to this, with the exception of Bich Phuong, most other "sister" characters, in particular the KiNa girls traditional girl costume in India with a veil. The male lead in the middle of the silver MV also makes curls on both sides of the Indian boys.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but seeing the new Bich Phuong MV to see the whole month one thousand one night? - photo 5.

Hull costumes and makeup in MV's colored empty environment in the East.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but seeing the new Bich Phuong MV to see the whole month one thousand one night? - Photo 6.

Persian fascination architecture and models in all major scenes.

Located in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but seeing the new Bich Phuong MV to see the whole month one thousand one night? 7th photo.

The term "snake" refers to Indian culture.

The image of the child's dragon is considered to be written in Western mythological films.

Many viewers shared the fact that after the Bich Phuong teaser, they have bundled this product will "upgrade" the version of the story from Fairy Tale. Since this is the name of the song, it is part of Vietnamese culture, which is closest to the role of nurses. If the product story is based on the concept of Cam Pha, perhaps the team will create an interesting color for this familiar story and the easy introduction of the Vietnamese folk scene to the project.

If you forget the overall look, this project really does not contain the Vietnamese seal. Under the name of "Sister Lifting Up", the team invaded a well-known Vietnamese idiom to create an interesting musical theme. The content of the song coincides with the love of sisters, each other in life. This is a beautiful culture of our people from the past, it can be seen in fairy tales.

Usually most viewers still welcome Bich Phuong and a crew with a quality MV, for November vpop races. It is considered to be completely different in terms of listening and viewing as compared to the overall product that is being released at the end of the year.

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