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In addition to Vietnam, how do other countries welcome Lunar New Year?


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Like in Vietnam, many Asian countries also welcome the Lunar New Year, and each country has an interesting tradition with a very unique identity.

1. China

In addition to Vietnam, how do other countries welcome Lunar New Year? - 1

New Year's Dance in China

Chinese New Year is the most important festival of this year for the people of this country. It is an opportunity for them to spend a lot of time with their family and friends. Chinese people appreciate the New Year's Eve meal.

Millions of workers outside the home are trying to return to their home country before a meal that causes traffic growth, called "the greatest migration of human history". Dishes play an important role in linking people after years of hard work. In the new year, Chinese people often eat items such as fish, spring rolls, dumplings, rice cakes, noodles and mandarins.

Like Vietnam, the Chinese people also have a tradition of celebrating the happy age of money at the beginning of the new year. The holiday season lasts up to 15/1 lunar calendar.

2. Korea

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Koreans often spend time with their families during the holidays

Korea's New Year (Seollal) lasts 3 days. In this case, the Koreans visit families, perform ancient rituals of worship, wear hanbok (traditional Korean garments), eat traditional dishes and play popular games. In addition, children often receive happy money from the elderly as a blessing for the new year. Tteokguk (Rice Cake Soup), Galbi Jjim (Rib Stew) and Jeon (Korean Pancake) are one of the traditional dishes of this country in the New Year.

3. Cambodia

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New Year in Cambodia

Cambodia The Moon The New Year is not a holiday, but many Cambodian people, especially Chinese people, celebrate.

Like China's New Year, on New Year's Eve, people cook a lot of traditional Chinese food to pray for their ancestors, then eat a rich dinner together.

On the first day of the year, people are also happy with lucky money for friends and relatives. Some families also hire lions to fulfill their place of business in anticipation of the new year.

4. Mongolia

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Mongolian Moon New Year Tray

In Mongolia, the first day of the new year is called Tsagaan Sar, which means "white month", which is determined by the national moon calendar.

On New Year's Eve, Mongols make some rituals for good luck for the new year. First, they clean the house, then the candles will be lit because the concept of light will lead to the Buddha's visit.

The Mongols also have a tradition of collecting trays each year after they play cards, hoping to start a series of lasting destinies, repaying debts, and removing hate.

In the new year of the moon, people visit relatives here. Later, they visited the older grandparents at their parents' home and continued with the remaining age.

Traditional dishes Mongolian New Year's products include milk, lamb, beef, horse meat, buuz bread (a kind of steamed bread made from flour and made from beef or lamb, onion, garlic and pepper), fermented horses milk or vodka mixed with milk.

5. Singapore

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Drifting Cakes, Traditional Singapore Tet Holidays

As in Vietnam, Singapore also welcomes the New Year of the Moon according to the lunar calendar. Special Singapore Tet Festivals can be mentioned as: Flower Festival in the Chinese Quarter, Qinghai Mask Mask Festival, Singapore River Hongbao Festival, which runs from the 1st New Year of the Month to the 15th of the first month.

The traditional Singapore bean dish on the Tet holidays is the yuan cake with the importance of trade unions and reunions. In addition, Tet trays are also required for dishes such as Yusheng (raw fish), Chang shou mian (longevity noodles), Pencai (dishes include pork, chicken, mushrooms, seafood, abalon, sea) ginseng, scallops).

Singapore also donated red envelopes to bless good luck in the New Year.

6. Bodies

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Lord's New Year in Korea is called Seolu

Moon The New Year in Korea is called Seola, which lasts 2-3 days. It is an opportunity for them to show respect and gratitude to their ancestors, grandparents, parents and especially people's leaders. The Koreans are accustomed to attaching a large straw basket to their homes to scare off the old year and get good luck for the new year.

In this case, people often wear colorful traditional costumes, called Solbim, and gather together with the elder grandfather in the house to hold a thank-you celebration called Cha-rye.

Traditional Korean dishes at Tet include: Ttok-kuk soup (rice dish, rice cakes and green beans. They also eat yellow meat (rice cake with semicircle)) and "grass rice" made from steamed rice and mixed with honey , chestnuts, apples, nuts, fat, soy sauce and steamed.

7. Malaysia

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The Malaysians also have the habit of celebrating the New Year

Malaysia has a large ethnic Chinese community to organize the Lunar New Year, such as Vietnam. It is one of the biggest anniversary festivals with Vietnamese traditions, such as: family reunion, happy family Tet, lucky money, lion dance festival, dragon.

In the first days of the new year, Malaysia often eats items such as: Yee Sang (a type of salad that includes a variety of sliced ​​fish mixed with vegetables), Otak Otak (grilled fish ball) and Satay, a dish The best selling street food in this country.

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