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Illegal multibillion profits

On November 16, the Proponent of the People's Propathy of the Phu Tho (PNDP) used the prosecution to release Nguyen Van Duong's accusation (SN 1975, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi). The Chairman and Managing Director of the VTC Online Company are Chairman of the Security Technology Development Company Board – CNC and Phan Sao Nam (SN 1979, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City). Accompanying persons who are criminally liable for crimes: gambling, gambling, illegal trading of bills, use of the Internet for misappropriation of property, money laundering and misuse of power during the inspection. for an obligation.

Convicted accounts totaled 55 million

During the prorate, the Chief Justice questioned the group charged with the following offenses: via the Internet, for the transfer of ownership, the organization of gambling and gambling.

Company name: The Company is the main shareholder of the company 1
Defendant: Le Van Huy

The defendant Le van Huy (NV 1997, from Quang Tri) was charged with two cases: the use of the Internet to commit the misuse of property and gambling was initially questioned.

Answering the inspection team, Huy, the accused has stolen the Facebook account Nhu Thanh Hang (64, Hanoi) on the Internet.

After taking over the right to use, Huy's name means that Mrs. Hang writes the relatives of the victims to buy 110 cards, taken by Viettel and Mobifone, and Huy has taken over 55 million of the money off the net. Then Huy included in his 5th account Tip.Club in exchange for 54 million Rik (the virtual currency used in the game). Huy contacted the idea of ​​selling virtual money to Rik real money, over 40 million (for a price of 750,000 VND / 1 million Rik). Since then Huy has spent real money to buy Rik dealers to play online and lose.

After Huy's capture, the investigation agency found that Tip.Club is a refundable game with signs of illegal gambling on the network. In the dispute, the defendant Huy acknowledged his misdemeanor as a prosecution and expected the inspection team to consider a reduction in the sentence. The President of the Court said that the court had received an application from the defendant in order to reduce the sentence for the defendant Huy.

Company name: The company is the main shareholder of the company 2
Defendant Nguyen Quoc Tuan

Subsequently, the defendant was Nguyen Quoc Tuan (SN 1982, Hanoi), Deputy Director of the CNC Company Online Gaming Payments Center. Tuanam was charged with two payments: the organization of gambling and gambling.

In response, the defendant was instructed to find a partner and set up a Rikvip payment gateway to monitor and control the turnover of the gambling establishment.

Tuan spoke with Home Direct and offered to use the company's payment gateway to connect directly to the Rikvip gaming portal. After that, the Home Direct company will help the company create its payment gateway. On the other hand, CNC will deduct 0.7% of revenue from Home Direct.

The highest rate, the subject is awarded for 320 million


For gambling, Tuấn khai, a gambler responsible for the deal with the Rik purchase game system Rikvip- Tip.Club from April / February to 16/2017 with the login name "Bkv 1102", the visible name is Tuanbeo1. Selling Rik, Tuan Giao with many agents, but mainly with Skyline and Level 1 dealers, the total purchase and sale of more than 435 billion Rik, amounting to over 360 billion. Only 8.8.2012 In the year Tuan has participated in more than 90 online casino gaming cards, including 33 bets from over 60,000 Ric, corresponding to 50 million. In the highest betting game, Tuan was awarded more than 380 thousand Rik, corresponding to more than 320 million.

Company name: Sabiedrība is the main shareholder of the company 3
Defendant Le Anh Dung.

Defendant Le Anh Dung (SN 1993, from Thanh Hoa, who lives in the city of Da Nang, is the first agent of the Rikvip-Tip.Club gambling system) was charged with gambling in the period from No 8/2015. Until 8/2017. For the defendant year, the total purchase transaction was nearly 3.6 billion Rick, which corresponds to nearly 3 billion.

More than 3 billion Dollars are also unfair money for which Dung, the accused, has benefited from online gaming. "To buy a Rick game, the defendant created some sales outlets, and then he proceeded to buy, sell, and loan operations to create a bank account," said Dung.

Following the hearing by the defendant Le Anh Dung, the chairman stated that the interim injunction took place on 14 September, the trial continued.

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