Monday , October 3 2022

Identify the most awkward and unintelligible human fears


Fear of sleep in the dark: according to various studies, afraid of darkness It often happens with adults and affects their lives. This fear also has a scientific name, nictophobia.Fear of words is too long: the irony is that the name of this fear is also a very long name – hypopotomonstrose – dupolaphobia.Butterflies: Butterflies are beautiful insects with colorful wings, but many of them are afraid to see this animal and even the fear of butterflies is the name. Only lepidopterophobia.Fear of escalators: there are innumerable strange emotions in the world, and one of them is the fear of evacuation stairs. The best solution for people with this syndrome is that they should not live in high buildings.Fear of women / men: known as gynobiobium, this syndrome applies to all who are afraid of women. In turn, men's fear syndrome is called androphobia.Fear of a purple: if you encounter anyone who shakes and dreads seeing purple, I'm not surprised, since this syndrome is suffering from quite a lot of people and is scientifically known as porphyrophobia.Fear of judgment: Sociaphobia is the name of a fear of a court judgment in a public place. However, people are always faced with justice, both positive and negative, in life. Therefore, people with this syndrome should learn to be brave enough to get notes and learn how to overcome to afraid of cockroachesThis little creature can be a frightening monster for many people, and they are almost everywhere from the kitchen, the bedroom to the cabinet, the store … Fear of the cockroach The name is toksaridafobija.Fear goes down the stairs: Maybe this fear comes from anger fear of heights (acrophobia), when people who have this syndrome are falling down every time down the stairs.Bubble Fear: People have a lot of weird fears from fears of innocent animals to dead objects, but perhaps the fear of bubbles is one of the most frightening and strange fears. Interestingly, this fear has a name called ebulliophobia.Fear of the crowd: Agoraphobia is just a panic and fear feeling in a crowd. These fears seem to be quite common with many people.Fear of death: death is an inevitable part of life. However, many people suffer from this syndrome.Fear of Crossing the Bridge: Geophysics is a scientific name for fear when crossing a bridge.Fear of standing on the glass: These fears may also come from fear of height, when many people feel badly standing on glass bridges.Fear of Standing Elevator: These fears can come from fear of height, fear of a locked-out room, but with the fact that many people feel anxious when entering the elevator each time due to various problems. .

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