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Ideas are "smoking balls", it turns out to be the hottest dessert-24 hour kitchen


Monday, January 14, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

The floating bubble tied to a tight string in this table turned out to be a 3-star Michelin dessert.

Alinea is a renowned restaurant in Chicago, USA, a place not only for many people to enjoy delicious food, but also a place to admire the creative food that struck everyone. when to see this is why this restaurant is honored to receive 3 prestigious Michelin stars.

The idea is smoking, it turns out that it is the hottest dessert - 1

Although Alin has many delicious but excellent dishes, a bubble-like dessert, if not mentioned above, many people may mistakenly think it is just an ornament in a restaurant.

The special form of this dessert has helped attract curious customers. The first time everyone saw it, they all wondered if this bubble could be eaten. The answer was answered by the famous chef Grant Achatz personally.

"It is a dish made of inverted absorption that is easily understood as a mixture of glucose and fructose obtained from the separation of sucrose. This sugar is sweeter than ordinary sugars and is also less crystallized."

I think this turns out to be the hottest dessert - 2

The chef of this sugar mixture is used to inject helium gas inside, it will blow as a bubble, the ball is made of green apple and grapes, so it is completely edible. It is impressive that it is placed on the dining table and fluctuates, creating a very beautiful look.

Thinking is smoking, it turns out that it is the hottest dessert - 3

The way to eat this dessert sometimes makes diners feel shy, the food has to suck the whole air so that the bubble collapses, then slowly pulls the mouth to chew. Its taste is considered to be a very pleasant, fragrant and fruity flavor, so people feel very excited and refreshed.

Use eye protectors when approaching the world's most famous cheese cheese

If you see it for the first time, although it is said that this dish is delicious, there are certainly not many brave people …

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