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How not to be disappointed? – 24-hour football

Thursday, 31 January 2019 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

On January 26, after a successful 2019 Asian Cup, the Vietnamese team returned home with a fan invitation.

Originally, Coach Park Hang-seo just set a goal to cross the group stage, but the army that came with him came to the quarterfinals just by losing close to the big Japanese key 0-1. Please note that Japan is the only Asian team to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, and it is worth mentioning that despite the loss, Vietnam has created many hardships for opponents. This was confirmed by Captain Maya Yoshida.

Since then The Vietnamese team Is it enough to be equal to one of the strongest teams on the continent? Since the Vietnamese team's big West Asian football teams fled, was it difficult to breathe? Earlier, referring to the Asian arena, professionals, Vietnamese fans all clicked on the tongue, just pushing it for fun, but nothing has disappeared. The past is true when the Asian shirt is too wide compared to the Vietnamese football skinny body.

Vietnamese football: how wouldn't it be disappointed? - 1

The Hang Seo Bus Park indicated to the students

But since then everything has changed Hang-seo bus park accepted to work in Vietnam. In Korean genetic leadership, Vietnamese football grew as fast as it was and, of course, the Asian shirt was no longer too wide and appropriate. Many people believe that if they only quit in the quarter-finals with China, Vietnam in 2019 is likely to enter the semi-finals of the Asian Cup. Agreed before Japan.

Not much controversy, coach Park Hang-seo and current players leave confidence and optimism to the fans. But how to keep beautiful days is hard to find answers. Who can guarantee the successor of the Park Hang-seo coach will promote the elite of this military leader? Looking at neighboring forces, fans couldn't help but worry about lack of relief because there were so few excellent words.

Commentator Vu Quang Huy said a very good sentence, pig farming for sale is not the same as any other group. Training for new players is the same. Basically, to be stable, how to act, how to organize. This view is correct, but not enough. In order for the football field to flourish, the training of young people must be broad. Can't just wait for Hanoi, HAGL, SLNA … to give good players. The range of options needs to be expanded in terms of quantity and quality.

The Spanish team used the Barcelona player as their main. But when the Barcelona player came, Real Madrid, Sevilla, players at Atletico Madrid were ready to fill, helping the Bulls stay strong. With Vietnamese football, it is now time to think about goals further, for example in the World Cup. But to do this, it is necessary to increase the base – for training young people to create generations of high-quality players, to build quality and quality of national teams.

Returning from the Asian Cup, the Vietnamese team will win the cup?

Vietnam Tel is the brightest candidate to win the 2018 Victory Cup.

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