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He died on a heavy punch


Thursday, 8 November 2015, at noon. 19:31 (GMT + 7)

(Video, Football Results in Cambodia – Malaysia, AFF Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony) Cambodia has caused a lot of difficulty in home soil in Malaysia.

Cambodia 1st Stage Game – Malaysia (next multimedia clip)

With a home advantage Cambodia Entertaining very excited. The intensity of the artist and the pace of "Angora soldiers" have made many visitors' targets spoiled. The most obvious was Reung Bunheing's 3-minute lead.

Cambodia - Malaysia: calmly because of & # 34; punch & # 34; (AFF Cup) (H1) - 1

Better off, but Cambodia quickly hosted Malaysia's "post"

After a slow start Malaysia gradually regain control of the game. However, the difference between a former champion and a team command is the opportunity to use the opportunity.

From the midst of the 30th "General" Talah's ice, the head light flashes quickly because the only protection is buried in Cambodia. This is also the first goal of the 2018 AFF Cup.

The first half ended with Malaysia's 1-0 goal.

First half: Cambodia 0-1 Malaysia

Rate: Talaha 30 & # 39;

Initial ruler:

Cambodia: Um Vichet; Chheng Meng, Soeuy Visal, Hong Pheng, Saret Krya; Bravka Thiva, Kouch Sokumpheak, Suhana Sauce, Chan Vathanaka; Keo Sokpheng, Reung Bunheing

Malaysia: Khairul Fahmi, Shahrul Saad, Syahmi Safari, Aid Zafuan, Andik Ishak, Akram Mahinan, M. Sumareh, Syamer Kutty Abba, Safira Raad, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, Zakvan Adha Abd Radzak

Direct Cambodia - Malaysia: strong upswing

Cambodia attacked after a goal.

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