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Hanoi's mother has 14 children: "For 30 years I have not been happy Tet


Saturday, February 2, 2019, 00:30 (GMT + 7)

Another Tet came again, but 30 years ago only Hai still did not escape poverty. This year, the economy is a little better, but the feeling of family is "diminishing" more or less.

Hanoi's mother has 14 children:

Hai's photos are satisfied with Tet's kids last year (2018).

Learn about "The Most Overcrowded Families in Hanoi" in the days near Lunar New Year, Ms. Hai – the mother of 14 children is busy, caring for pigs and chickens in the middle of the field "this year is better and better, but she felt more sad.

Dang Thi Hai family (51 years old), in Co Ban village, Ha Dong district, Hanoi, has been famous for many years because she lives in the capital, has not worked, but gives birth to 14 children living in a small life. poorer and deeper, more tragic

Hanoi's mother has 14 children:

This year, the family had an accident where Ms. Hai left the cottage

The eyes were sad, there was a lot of grief in their lives, only Hai said that the house is now 30 square meters, that the neighborhood is empty. I was bored, so I started working for monks at the beginning of the year, the children moved to a religious house (container house) 200 meters away.

Hanoi's mother has 14 children:

Get help from grandchildren for capital (money), only Hai increased production

In 1998, she and her husband should be enchanted, while "children" turn in turn. No land, house, long time her family went. Then, in the middle of the field, they set up a house, day and time to catch crabs, collect and pick up bottles for every meal.

Then she and her husband built a 30 square meter house in the village, but the family still lived in the house outside the home.

Ms. Hai said that for 30 years her life has never been happy. Not a year, at 30 Tet's house, we have to accept 200 thousand VND and 1 rice socket for neighbors and have to buy babies to celebrate Tet

In 2016, her husband died after many years of illness and lack of money, leaving her worried about her children. The Last Lunar New Year, the whole family gathered, but left the survivor: “My children were miserable when they were small, but the bigger they were, the more they were out of work. Most often, they were afraid to go to work, they went to evil because their father died without an advisor, I stayed in the field all day, so I didn't have time for them, ”said Hai.

Hanoi's mother has 14 children:

Thanks to this, the economy is better than in previous years

Tet a vacation in the past, despite the lack and difficulty associated with marriage love and love for their mother and daughter.

This year my grandchild left my job, gave me money to build a religious house for my children. Waiver of capital (money) to buy pigs, buy chicks, two grandchildren and pay dividends. In addition to the income from fish ponds, life is getting better and better, Ms. Hai said.

Hanoi's mother has 14 children:

Speaking of New Year's wish, this mother trusted: "Now I just hope there will be health to care for food and clothes for kids going to school. Don't be afraid to dream of rich money because I don't like it.

When she asked, she regretted having given birth so much, she said she regretted giving birth so much that she could not worry about her children, causing her to suffer. She has 14 children, but now 13 are left because her younger daughter died 3 years ago because of a serious illness.

Mother gave birth to 14 children in Hanoi:

Most of her life's desire is a happy life with her family

Hanoi's mother has 14 children:

Now her children live in a religious house (container) built by their grandchildren. The eldest son and girl live alone

Tet Day 29 in the most overcrowded family in Hanoi

Tears flowing to the cheeks, which had already been devastated, she was happy because this year is probably the best New Year …

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