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Gisele Bundchen reveals a reason to leave the wings of Victorian Secret angels


Gisele Bundchen performs Victoria's Secret

Gisele Bundchen, 38, was one of the Victoria's Secret Majestic Angels from 1999 to 2006. At that time, this hottest supermodel was at the height of fame, which was always on the list of long legs in the world's highest income, and it's the advertising face of every brand.

The success and reputation of this brazilian supermodel is largely due to her becoming a Victoria's secret underwear. And while many models want angel wings, Gisele Bündchen revealed that his time is not always a paradise.

The 38-year-old supermodel in the new memoir, a life-saving lesson, discovered that after feeling her harder to do underwear, she decided to give up on that brand.

"During the first five years, it was convenient for me to work underwear, but when it was time, I felt less comfortable and photographed with my swimsuit and underwear. I think giving me a tail, clothes, wings or anything that makes me a bit," the book writes. Gisele

Gisele Bundchen admits that the brand has accounted for 80% of her annual income. However, by 2006, she was not sure if she would continue to sign the contract.

"I am grateful for the opportunity and financial security that the company has given me, but I was at a different moment in my life, and I'm not convinced that I want to continue working there," she said.

Gisele shared that when she was traveling for free, she began to affect her life by constantly taking pictures, attending events, filming advertisements – so she decided to cut two small pieces of paper into one. Drum tea, she wrote the words "yes" and "no" on each paper. "I close my eyes and say to myself: if I choose a piece of paper, that would be my best choice and the right decision." Finally, I chose a paper page with the word "no".

"" No "is the answer I want to hear unknowingly. This is the answer my body wants to hear, and I believe my body is trying to tell me for several days.

The Brazilian supermodel has left Victoria's Secret, but she insists she has a good relationship with business people, including her creative director Ed Razek, who introduced Giselle to her husband. – Tom Brady.

Tom Brady and the sexy supermodel Gisele Bundchen began dating in December 2006 before marrying exactly three years later. Gisele and Tom have two children, eight Benjamin Rein and five Lake Vilnius. Supermodel is also the John's Martyrdom "Jack" Edward Thomas, 11, her husband's son, with actor Bridget Moynahan. Currently, a beautiful blond woman lives peacefully with her husband, she only occasionally appeared in some entertainment events.

Gisele Bundchen loves her husband

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