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Former BIDV President Tran Bac Ha was arrested

On 29 November, the Investigative Police Agency (Ministry of Public Security) issued a prosecution on the accused, was investigated by Tran Bac Ha (61, former chairman of the BIDV), former Deputy Director General Tran Luc Lang Kieu Dinh Hoa (former Director of BIDV Ha Tinh), Le Thi Van Anh former head of BIDV Ha Tinh).

Four people were charged with crimes In violation of the rules on banking activities, other activities related to banking activities, in accordance with Article 206 of the 2015 Criminal Code. Only Van Anh was banned, who was still detained.

Seven days ago, the Police Investigation Agency (Ministry of Public Security) filed a case under Article 206 to investigate alleged violations of the BIDS.

Mr Tran Bac Ha as Head of BIDV Bank. Photo: BIDV

Mr Tran Bac Ha as Head of BIDV Bank. Photo: BIDV

At the end of June, the Central Inspection Commission recommended the party's expulsion discipline with Mr Tran Bac Ha, adversely affecting the prestige of the party organization and the Vietnam Investment and Development Bank (BIDV). irritating to society.

According to the findings of the Central Inspection Commission, the former chairman of the BIDV has violated the procedures, procedures, authority and credit regulations, approving policies, deciding on some loans, investments, debt management. Of these, the approval of the 7.2 billion Dollar Lending Policy for the 12 companies involved was carried out by the Construction Bank (NCB).

Probable offender Pham Cong Danh

The decision to continue working with Mr Tran Bac Ha takes place in the further investigation of Pham Cong Danh (former chairman of the Thien Thanh Group, former WCB), with losses of over 6100 billion.

Institutions argued that in May 2013 Mr Danh and his subordinates found two directors of the BIDV, Doan Anh Sang and Tran Luc Lang in order to raise money in order to increase their share capital.

The NCB's president uses the 12 legal entities he has created, but the reason is "12 companies are clients of the VNCB wishing to borrow capital in the construction materials business." During the restructuring period, the NCB could not lend BIDV.

He is committed to ensuring that the PNG's cash loans are deposited in this bank and that the management of the BIDV approves the lending policy. Mr Danh then asked his subordinates to submit a loan application.

On October 3rd, 2013, Tran Bac Ha signed 12 decisions approving the construction material lending policy with 12 companies, giving branches a total of 4,700 billion.

The investigation indirectly helped Mr. Danh's unlawful withdrawal at the UCB, causing a loss of 2,550 billion. Companies that receive funds have moved to many individual accounts before being transferred back to the NCBs in order to officially purchase shares in order to increase the bank's capital.

In the first phase of the Pham Cong Danh, investigators identified Tran Bac Ha and other executives at BIDV without causing damage to the bank. According to the investigating authority, there is no document, evidence or evidence indicating that Ha and his partners know that the companies established and managed by the Company have no criminal basis.

P. Pham Cong Danh and his collaborator at the beginning of this year Ha was summoned as a person with related rights and duties – a witness. However, he has filed an application for a stay of travel to Singapore for treatment.

At least three times the prosecutor's office proposed a commission to convene Mr HID and two Deputy Directors of the BIDV to clarify the related actions and continue to publish the case in order to "avoid losing". Due to the many content conditions it is necessary to clarify, the commission has returned entries for further investigation.

According to sources VnExpressAfter he went to Singapore this year, he returned to Laos and lived in Laos.

He has worked for BIDV since 1981 as Chairman of the Board in 2008, resigning in September 2016.

After more than 8 years of being a bank president, he is considered to be a soul and has a lot of influence from DIDV. However, he often did not see the rumors that he was arrested. In 2013, the authorities fined three reporters.

Da Do – Quoc Thang

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