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Football in Timor Leste


Friday, 09/09/2015 00:15 (GMT + 7)

(Timor Leste – Thailand and Singapore – Indonesia, 19h, 9/11, opening match B AFF Cup 2018) Champions show the authority of the "rain targets" net. the weakest prize?

Thai video captures Indonesia in the final AFF Cup in 2016:

Thailand Milovan Rajevac has decided not to summon four foreign players, including Kawin Thamsatchanan, defender Theeraton Bunmathan, midfielder Channathip Songkrasin and money. Teaseri Dangda.

Timor Leste football commentary - Thailand: Royal Canyon (AFF Cup) - 1

Thailand will "walk" before Timor Leste fights

Many veterans also do not support seven U23 players, even those who have never played a national team. The decision of the World Cup strategist is aimed at raising the story in the 2019 Asian Cup.

Of course, this does not mean that the "elephants" did not take on royal protection AFF cup. The defending champion is still in the ranks of all the other group B opponents with a quality star team playing in the Thai league, such as Adisak Kraisorn, Sumanya Purisa, Tanaboon Kesarat or Thitipan Puangchan.

On the other hand, after winning 3-2 against Brunei players, Timor Leste claimed to be in Region 1 Region after 14 years of waiting. Currently, the country with 1 million people, led by Japanese coach Norio Tsukitate, leads the youngest player in the league. Even their best name, defender Jorge Sabas Victor, turns around at age 20.

In the new format (each team will have two random games and two domestic teams in the group phase), Timor Leste has two home competitions against Thailand and the Philippines. However, the Dili Municipal Stadium in Dili is not qualified, so the meeting took place at the Rajamangala Stadium in Thailand.

Thus "War Elephants" will benefit if there are 3 games at home. Before the start of a difficult war with the Philippines and Indonesia, the triumph of the militants on the day of the fight was fully attainable for Rajewak's academic staff.

Estimation of the forecast: Timor Leste 0-5 Thailand

The composition:

Thailand: Budprom, Tom Bihr, Roller, Wiriyaudomsiri, Deeromir, Anan, Puangchan, Dechmitr, Haiprakhon, Adisak, Pombuppha.

Timor Leste: Fernandes, De Oliveira, Victor, Moreira, Almeida, Gusmao, Da Costa, Alberto, Goncalves, Gama, Henrique.

Singapore – Indonesia, 19h September 11

In the AFF Cup, the Indonesian League was in childhood and seriously influenced the preparation of the Great Island team.

The list of the last 23 names, coach Bima Sakti, announced the absence of PSM stars Makassar – Club, ranked Liga 1 (Indonesian League) and Esteban Vizcarra.

However, in the friendly past, the power of the second rider is still very revered (win 2, draw 1). So the new Singapore with seven players for the first time in the national team can hardly be surprised even while playing at home.

Estimation of the forecast: Singapore 1-3 Indonesia

Vietnam wins Laos: Newspaper Asia is proud of home AFF Cup compliment Quang Hai

Asian media, the AFF Cup Home 2018 praises Vietnam.

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