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"Eat" forest land, a series of shots in the Dak Nong discipline Lao Dong Online | LAODONG.VN

The Standing Committee of the Dakong Provincial Party Committee of 28 November said that the unit had just consulted on the disciplinary implementation of several local leaders and made many mistakes in the work process. In many cases, local leaders are disciplined for this purpose in terms of distribution of land and forests in violation of the rules

Mr. Nguyen Huu Huan – Member of the Commission, Vice-Chairman of the People's Committee of the Tuy Duc District, is one thing that is regularly verified by the Provincial Standing Committee to discipline, excluding the District Commissioner in all three regulations: 2008-2013. 2013-2015 And 2015-2020

Mr Huan's disciplinary case is due to his role as secretary to the Deputy Director of the Planning Division (2000 to 2003), Deputy Director of Quang Truc Forest Enterprise (2003-2006). ), Deputy chairman of the District People's Committee (from 2007 to date) interfered with Quang Truc planted land, then asked another person to issue a land use certificate 02 on parcels covering more than 70,000 m 2 in Bu Vo, Quang Truc in the commune.

By 2013, Huav will ask another person to legalize the case to transfer both plots to his wife. Despite the mistake, the review process, Huan put, is hiding that he and his wife do not know it.

The UBKT Provincial Party Committee has also been disciplined in the alert to District Commissioner Tran Viet Cu, Deputy Chairman of the Tuy Duc People's Committee.

According to the Party of Regions committee, which for 2007-2015 During the year, he is responsible for the Commissioner of the Area Director of the Financial Planning Department, Mr Cu has a misconception in violation of the recommendation of the People's Committee of the Regions to allocate funds. Economic and technical reports on the construction and testing of the construction of 03 rural roads.

In addition, the Provincial Party Committee also drew up a statement on deputy Commissioner, Vice-Chairman of the People's Committee of the Dak Song District, Le Viet Sinh; Mr. Cao Minh Nguyet, Deputy Director of the High Technology Park Management Board; Secretary of the party committee Dinh Sju Tue – leader of party PA 90 Dak Nong Police and party secretary Bui Dinh Linh, Head of Dak Nong Provincial Police Department PA 92.

These men are disciplined because they do not respect state policies and laws in land management and use. During the course of the work, many people use land allocation positions, forest management, protection, incorrect items as prescribed.

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