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Doctor Hoang Cong Luong was sentenced to 42 months in prison

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Doctor Hoang Cong Luong was in July 2017 when he returned home after his arrest

Doctor Hoang Kong, Luong, in a "deadly hemodialysis" case has been sentenced to 42 months in prison for "unintentional death" at first instance in the Hoa Binh City People's Court.

In addition to Mr Luong, there are six other defendants who are subject to different prison rules, ranging from 30 months to 54 months in prison.

Doctor Hoang Kong Luong: in the courtroom was "broken"

The case of Dr. Hoang Cong Luong: The court gave up the documents and re-investigated

Hoa Binh Dialysis: Head of Machine Maintenance Company

The Court accepted the prosecution's allegations claiming that Luong had been ordered to drive a dialysis machine until there was no reason to determine the water quality leading to death.

The prosecutor's office stated that Luong should know the importance of dialysis water as well as the conditions that ensure the quality of the water during the maintenance process by cleaning the RO membrane and tubes.

However, before announcing the judgment for a few days, in an exclusive interview with the Young Knowledge electronic magazine, Mr Luonga said that the knowledge that the public prosecutor considers mandatory is what he has not done. teaches.

"If I am guilty and go to prison, I hope that after this trial, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education will have to change their education and provide pupils with the next generation," Luong said. with new knowledge.

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Mr Luong in court also said that the evidence the prosecutor's office used to accuse him of "signs of transformation", according to the newspaper said.

During the proceedings that took place before the judgment was delivered, Hoang Cong Luong's defense attorneys set out the features that the defendant's accuser considered to be affirmative, perhaps even concealing the records, blaming Luong.

Lawyers are asking the court to return the case to investigate the above-mentioned issues, or to accept the invalidation of questionable evidence, and should therefore be notified of innocent physician Luong.

This opinion has not been accepted by the court.

Mr. Huang Cong Liang said he was innocent and "appealed".

Proceedings before the Court of First Instance begin on 15 May 2018.

During the trial, 6/2018, the court returned the case and requested further investigation.

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Doctor Hoang Kong Luong and his colleagues

The case of nine patients with dialysis died in 2017 in the community.

At that time, Hoa Binh General Hospital hired an outside company to repair the RO water filtration system.

After finishing the work, the hospital staff, including the doctor Hoang Cong Luong, who did not check the quality of the water, did not inform the chief of the treatment results, but still allowed the system to work to filter the kidneys. 18 patients under prosecution.

The result of killing nine people due to acid residues in the country is 260 times higher than the permitted level.

5/2018 per month Dr. Luong sent a letter to Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, President of the National Assembly, President Tran Dui Quang, and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc waiting for "reviewing nature from thing …" to "make innocent people innocent".

At that time, a campaign called for support for Dr Hoang Cong Luong to attract more than 10,000 signatures from colleagues and people.

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