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Do not see the moon this morning!

Three national stories, which in the middle of November Cao Cao opened a wine meeting with a general boat. It was dark, but the moon climbed up the hill to the east and was bright like a day.

Be glad to talk about the annexation of resistance forces. Suddenly you see a tug of crows screaming in heaven, asking:How are the crows called in the middle of the night?"

Yes, sir: "The sky was bright and bright, so early in the morning, leaving the group to fly south."

Barca's performance does not see that the sky is light! picture
The Valverde Army is an illusion that is different from the ancient Thao

This was evident later. Obtained from the illusion of all the beats, Cao Cao's catastrophe on the Red Mountain to the base of the bosom, shares the formation of three galaxies.

Barcelona Ernesto Valverde seems to be in a terrible situation like the ancient times. The 5-1 victory over Real Madrid helped them drown with joy, but with it, too, complacency.

Barca members immediately forget a series of hard times ahead. They also did not notice that Reale then ended up in a full blown crisis with confidence down. Barca has also forgotten that when running 2-1, the 15-minute time was crowded with Real, and if Luka Modric did not hit the position that turned into an equalizer table, the situation was very different.

Rafinha v Modric v Real Madrid vs. Barca
The victories of El Clasiko are potions for them


After that Contrary to the expectations Barca's style has become washable for a strong departure. First of all, the Catalan side will have to wait until the time of its injury to reach its only goal by transferring the 3rd place in the King's Cup – Leonas 1: 0.

Next God luck goes on to accompany Barca They had two goals in only three minutes (87 to 90), which beat out former team member Rayo Vallecano La Liga. In the Champions League, the point against "Inter Milan" is not considered convincing. back and Barca's failure: where should it be?
Barcelona took Lionel Messi back from injury, but nobody hoped they would lose Real Betis 3-4 at home. Barca 3-4 Bet indicates …

The latest Barca 4-4 beat Real Beat just before witnessing more than eight thousand viewers at Camp Nou. It all depends on the fact that their morals are very problematic, the story is not just about experience.

Too depends on Messi

Lionel Messi returns and Barca defeats Real Beat, which is extremely paradoxical, but that's right. It seems that there is still a flow of opinions The return of the Argentine superstar is subjective from the Catalan team Increase one step.

Messi co cu dupu Betis
Messi won twice before Betis

The rest of Barca are too used to serve Messi and expect a miracle from him. This may be against the character and attitude of Messi, but natural talent No. 10, it's hard for us to deny.

Even if he does not really play the same training as former Carlos Tevez, Messi remains at the highest level. Gradually Barca players (who have been downgraded in recent years) are increasingly dependent on striker No. 1 club history. Tevez is right, Messi is a lazy guy!
Carlos Tevez commented on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. People practicing with both of these superstars have revealed the truth that not players …

For Beech, at the weekend, Messi first hit after Seville injured on October 20th. Including the two games mentioned above, Barca recognized 6 goals (4-2 won and lost 3-4). Seven times, when Messi had the closest match, his team played 3, lost 2, received 13 losses.

Is it by chance? Not at all! The level is Messi, the rest of the Barca members do not want. They believe that regardless of the degree of congestion, they still compensate Messi's goals. But with limited abilities, Leo can not always play the role of "Jesus Christ".

Messi watch Barca that bai
But no 10 also saw Blaugrana fail

There are very interesting statistics: Betis 3-4 is also defeated First Barça winner, when Messi gained 2 goals up. At this point, it was found that the defending Blaugranas defensive forces have deteriorated and they have not eliminated it.

Last season, Valverde took 4-4-2 with nine players, with the exception of Messi and Luis Suarez, who had to play regularly. It can not ignore the role of the muscular-rich pushand Paulinho. In the summer of 2018/1985 Valverde's "pet" returned to China to raise money to leave him delicate in medieval times.

Pikis and Lenglets

Participants have a negative influence on Barca's style

Under the pressure of fans and leaders, the former captain Athletic Bilbao was forced to change tactics more dedication. Chart 4-3-3 appears, the team has pushed a bigger and added attitude to the statement, as said Barca's style became very proud.

Actually Barca is now the worst defender in 20 years. The last ten games in La Liga, they can not keep clean, which has been repeated since Louis Louis van Gaal since 1998. In the last 12 rounds, the Camp Nou team received 18 goals, with an average of 1.5 goals per game and only 5 teams.

With such a bad barca, will Barca be sure to win the big title? Let the crows see the moon and think the sky is bright!

Barca 3-4 Match Match Video Games (La Liga Round from 2018/19):

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