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Did not Jennie (BLACKPINK) in the new concert in 2018 have repeatedly shown a lack of vitality?

Recently, the first BLACKPINK member debuted as Jennie, has made so impressive progress as wiping the digital music card in the country, beat twice and BTOB to win trophies, become artists Kpop 2018 is the hottest solo YouTube …

However, next to the positive side, Jenny still left a lot of bad impressions on both the BLACKPINK fan and the Kpop fans in general. In particular, this member of the first YG girls' group concert in Korea in mid-November was a super-dance show. After this incident, Jennie became a focus on MXH, who received quite a few criticisms of netizens about her "princess" attitude.

In a nutshell, a video that compares Jennie's scene moments this year to two years is also a great topic. In particular, there are some scenes that show not only a concert, but also Jenny did not move to other events this year. More than 1.5 million views are tied to the video within two days.

Looking at this picture, you can clearly see that Jennie releases the choreography, but the remaining actors are still leaving …

Not only that, her movements are somewhat durable and durable

I watched the video, the non-segmented segment was dissatisfied, even frustrated with the lack of Jennie's professionalism on the scene, and argued that YG's excessive lust for her was troubling. star disease. In addition, they found guilty the other three members:

"I just want to say: Lisa injured her ankle while filming" Real Men 300 ", but the Japanese concert still had great performances, despite the high fever, the Rose Fall Ladder, DDU-DU DDU-DU and Forever Young, and even apologized for not being able to speak well in fanatic; Jisoo improved singing and dancing skills, worked hard. Meanwhile, Jennie suffered from star diseases.

"If other members of the event, such as Jennie, would understand, I realized that they were going to dance in the attempts, but while the members did their best, Jenny danced just like It makes her unprofessional."

"How did she think she was doing? Nobody thought she was dancing?" Jenny did not trust other players, as well as the fans, when she was so scratched.

Contrary to these beliefs, some Jennie advocates said that because her health is not good, the clothes are uncomfortable or the schedule is thick, which causes her lack of energy in the show. yourself:

"Perhaps Jennie did not feel so good in her body that she just jumped."

"Many people stop criticizing Jennie, maybe she's lacking in energy or uncomfortable because of new costumes."

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