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Deputy Prime Minister: Focus on preparing the Orthodox textbook

The Heads of Government asked the Ministry of Education to separate the stage of compiling the content by printing and publishing books.

In the afternoon of February 28, meeting with educational units, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam led the Ministry of Education and Training to follow the five-year process of innovation in primary education and education. .

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam. Photo: VGP.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam. Photo: VGP.

Regarding the implementation of the program, the new textbooks – Dam – explained the Ministry of Education led the official textbook set in accordance with the resolution of the National Assembly. Content aggregation must be separate from printing and publishing.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that in addition to the knowledge included in the curriculum, the new textbooks should have the content of moral teaching, making people from words to food, voices, greetings to national songs, exercises, general hygiene …

When preparing for the state secondary school examination, the Ministry of Education has to prepare a good sample examination, apply for the experts for every possible situation. "From the experience of vocational schools, universities have to move to recruitment plans many times a year," said Dam.

The Ministry of Education has been commissioned to anticipate the needs of teachers in the coming years, together with local student statistics that study pedagogy to "address teachers' basic stories".

"Come here, not just teaching materials, e-lectures, but the whole content of educational programs and activities in schools needs to be incorporated into the digitalised knowledge system so that the public can use, use and monitor.", Said Deputy Prime Minister.

During the meeting, Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Head of the Propaganda Department, said that the Ministry of Education should speed up the compilation of textbooks under the new program because he "worries about the program, about ten times the textbook".

Prof. Pham Tat Dong, vice-president of Vietnam's Study Promotion Association, suggested carefully studying the curriculum compilation in the new program. In addition, in order to effectively implement new programs and textbooks, there is a need for audit teaching methods and the use of technology.

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